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August 23rd 2019 at 8:26AM

Terry Beck I just purchased my first tie and I love it! I was cautious paying so much less instead of the $50-$150 I normally spend. I am going to get a lot more from Twenty Dollar Tie!

August 15th 2019 at 6:12AM

Patrick Picciarelli I’m really fastidious about my clothes; some of my ties cost more than some peoples’ suits. That said, I gave these guys a try, what could I lose, $20?
Very pleasantly surprised. Good quality tie, folds into the required dimple upon tying which doesn’t happen with a poorly constructed tie. I’ll be buying more.

July 15th 2019 at 8AM

Dawn Beuttel Gibson Ordered my husbands tie for our daughters wedding and was thrilled when we received it! It was even more beautiful in person and the quality was exceptional!

June 30th 2019 at 11:53AM

Bob F Barnett I bought several of their tie sets, tie, cuff links, pocket square, very high quality silk! Recommend! They ship XL sets for the big guys!

June 28th 2019 at 1:55PM

Norman B. Gildin Have only received the best compliments on the first ties I bought at Twentydollartie. They are the finest ties I have ever owned!

June 21st 2019 at 4:24PM

Michael Roberts Sr. Just ordered two XL ties and they are perfect. Being 6’2 it can be hard finding ties that hit the right spot but I found a new place for ties now!!

November 7th 2018 at 6AM

Cody Baumgartner I have to admit I am extremely impressed. I almost didn't believe it when I stumbled across the site and brand a few weeks ago, but I figured "hey, why not try?"

These ties truly are an incredible quality, and despite having a wide range of rather attractive ties (if I do say so myself) and wearing a different one every day, my coworkers immediately recognized my new ones were special when I wore them on their first days.

I also saw a pair of separate cuff links that I couldn't pass up, and those got their own rad reviews from clients and staff.

Don't take my word for it, the entire reason I'm posting this here and now is because other people commented on them when they rarely make note of what I wear anymore.

February 27th 2018 at 9:40AM

Thomas Benson I really like the variety of ties and colors. GREAT selection! I have spread to word as I am often asked about them. I love that you have the extra long ties too! The material and quality are unsurpassed. I have purchased the bow ties also as a couple of my grandsons like to wear them. 
Thank you for offering such great quality at such a price! I am sold on TwentyDollarTie! Oh! Free shipping is an added plus. 
(Can I buy stock in TwentyDollarTie???!!!)

November 24th 2017 at 4:12PM

Shawn Parker I am the PA Announcer at Target Center in Minneapolis. I do not call a Timberwolves game without wearing a bow tie from twentydollartie.com! It’s my signature and the people love it! Thanks!!!

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September 14th at 12:34PM

Ginny7334 I ordered 3 & they are beautiful! And they came fast! Shipped day after I ordered! Got 2 on sale & they are just as beautiful! Thank U so much! 😁

September 10th at 3:44PM

Thomas DeGiulio I have bought a couple dozen of these ties and have never been disappointed.

September 7th at 11:25AM

Kenneth Funk My tie was a big hit at a recent wedding!

September 5th at 5:21PM

Claretha Cargo Love the ties I purchased 3 sets for my hubby!

September 3rd at 2:10AM

Robert L Green I have bought several tie sets. I am very satisfied!

September 1st at 1:23PM

Antonio D Riddick Kiah I love shopping here! 👊🏾👌🏽👏🏽👍🏽🥰🤩

August 30th at 1:11PM

Terry Beck Anyone thinking of purchasing, do it! I was skeptical about paying only $15 for a tie since most of mine are $50 to $150. These are very nice, well made and gorgeous. I get compliments on every one.

August 27th at 12:48PM

Greg Gonzalez Closest thing to buying ties off the NYC street vendors. Great selection and great prices

August 26th at 11:27AM

Steve Clements I bought 3 sets. They have arrived and are gorgeous and high quality. I am very happy.

August 23rd at 5:13PM

Doraldo Buchanan Awesome ties. I’ve bought two already and about to buy the whole set of floral tie sets @twentydollartie

August 22nd at 3:14PM

Benjamin Neal Jr. Authentic. Ordered a necktie set from them two months ago.

August 21st at 7:21AM

Jeremy Unclej Matelski Love your ties. Just wish I wore them more often. I DJ for a local hockey team. That’s the only time I wear them. Get lots of compliments about them!

August 20th at 9AM

Norman B. Gildin The best looking ties anywhere. Am very happy with your designs and quality. Superb.

August 18th at 1:19PM

Rod Salter Love your ties! Got several friends hooked on them as well.

August 17th at 12:54PM

_andrelys_Just received my order. Just as pictured. Great quality. Fast shipping.

August 15th at 9AM

John Carone Bought 2 ties and pocket handkerchiefs! Good quality...and fabrics...will buy more....!

August 13th at 6:13AM

Claretha Cargo Love the ties I purchased 3 sets for my hubby!

August 12th at 7:02AM

Jay Wiley Jones These are great. High quality and beautiful. Very competitive pricing.

August 11th at 5:44PM

Thomas J Onorato Got 9 of them yesterday ...GREAT TIES!!!!!!!!!!

August 9th at 1PM

Neil Harris I get many compliments on these ties!

August 8th at 3:49PM

Daniel J Perez Sr Just bought me one for my son's wedding!

August 5th at 2:10PM

J.t. Morgan This is a great site and are good quality tie sets. I was pleased with the ones I ordered!

August 3rd at 9PM

Robert L Green I have bought several tie sets. I am very satisfied!

August 2nd at 6:15AM

Minister Terry Watson Man!!! I absolutely love your ties for church!

August 1st at 9:43AM

Julius T Booker Sr Bought a couple last week to attend a wedding. Really liked both ties...could only wear one!!

July 31st at 11AM

Scott Joseph I ordered some of these ties a few months ago and I really like them. Great selection and nice quality!

July 30th at 10:21AM

Thomas Pollock I purchased three of these ties and received them two days later! They are everything they said they would be: excellent quality! They fit great and have a great style!

July 30th at 6:51AM

Denise Graves My husband love their ties!

July 29th at 1:40PM

Jim Duff My order arrived yesterday, they look fantastic!

July 27th at 11:30AM

Vito_Barzini_Brasi Best neck ties ever!

July 26th at 4:51PM

Adelbert Martin Just made my first order...I found the perfect color combination for my suit...getting ready for my 40th class reunion.

July 25th at 1:23PM

Maurice Thompson I wear their stuff every Sunday!

July 23rd at 12:02PM

Norman B. Gildin The best looking ties anywhere. Am very happy with your designs and quality. Superb.

July 20th at 5:09AM

Paul Griz Hamilton Best ties ever! ❤

July 19th at 4:16PM

James Alexander I shop at TwentyDollarTie. The ties have the feel of a more expensive tie at a great price!

July 16th at 2:32PM

Jonathan Terry I bought my wedding tie from here! 😁

July 14th at 7:18PM

Larry Peace I have purchased ties from here. Nice!

July 13th at 6:36AM

Doug Rice Received my mystic tie combo. It looks as good in person as in the picture!

July 12th at 4:06PM

Brian Henry Love my bow tie set ... it's almost time for another one ...thank you for making me look great...!

July 10th at 12:19PM

Tamara Bascom Twentydollartie.com, I bought your ties and bow ties for my sons. They LOVE it!!! Great quality and style. I’ll definitely buy more. Thanks!!!

July 8th at 8:39AM

Barbara Walker They have some nice ties. I have purchased several sets for my husband!

July 5th at 9:02AM

Charles Mitchell Excellent company and prices I've used them for years!

July 4th at 5AM

Stuart Rosen I only need a tie once a month, and I can't stop buying these! I've been pleased with every one I'm waiting on another one now. Stop me before I shop again!

July 3rd at 11:05AM

Terry Slaughter I bought two ties about a month ago , great quality and beautiful design..I got about 10 more to buy

July 2nd at 4:29PM

Jim Wright I've bought a couple of self-tie bow ties from Twentydollartie.com and am very pleased with them. Look at my profile picture; you'll see my favorite one!

July 1st at 6:21AM

John McCain Great ties great price a great gift for the man that's into ties

June 30th at 11:45AM

Frank Walton I’ve bought some of these ties. Excellent quality silk, vivid colors, and great length. The cuff links and pocket “squares” are very nice.

June 30th at 11:30AM

Jose L. Montanez I’ve ordered from them very prompt shipping and they arrived earlier than it said. Will definitely order from them again!

June 29th at 1:09PM

Wayne Schaffel Bought a few. Beautiful...unbeatable price.

June 28th at 4PM

James Kirnon I purchased 10 ties. They are very stylish and trendy. The shipping was free and I got them in the mail relatively quickly.

June 27th at 2:02PM

George E. Lorick Jr. Twentydollartie.com is the best, trust me I know!!!

June 27th at 11:41AM

Calvin Moses Johnson These ties are such a great deal that you can't help but not only buy for yourself but family and friends as well.

June 26th at 7:12AM

Kenny Rogers I’m always getting compliments on my ties! I tell everyone where they can get them too!

June 25th at 1:01PM

Derrick Gerald I get so many compliments from my new ties from you guys! I gave my old ties to a person in need and started a new wardrobe of ties with Twenty dollar tie!

June 24th at 6:56AM

Tony Breaux Love this site, very fast shipping!

June 23rd at 6:50PM

Mike Carratura Been buying my tie sets for nearly a year now !

I need to look proper for my Job. Constantly get compliments. Twentydollartie.com, I can't be without!!
I'm a HAPPY customer.

June 23rd at 2:17PM

Tony Breaux Ordered my tie on 6/20 came on 6/22! Awesome beautiful tie!! My ties will be coming from TwentyDollarTie from now on!!

June 22nd at 5AM

Von B DL Wilson Great quality with the right fashion! Colors are outstanding! 💯

June 21st at 6PM

Gloria Williams These ties are great. They come with the pocket squares and cuff-links. Good quality!

June 20th at 8:30PM

Derrick Gerald Great quality and designs! I'm very pleased!

June 20th at 1:04PM

Mike Kurowski Love this site. I have four of their ties and link sets. Love them

June 19th at 1:11PM

vito_barzini_brasi Best neck ties ever!

June 19th at 12:01PM

Tyrone Glover I just received the blue floral set!🔥🔥🔥🔥

June 18th at 7:12AM

Michael A Beard Ordered a bow tie and a regular tie, both were exactly the same print colors were exactly what's on the website. Received them one-day ahead of schedule. Definitely one of my site for ties and bow ties.

June 17th at 3:33PM

rod.salter Love your ties! Recommend them to everyone!

June 16th at 8AM

Michael A Beard Ordered a bow tie and a regular tie, both were exactly the same print colors were exactly what's on the website. Received them one-day ahead of schedule. Definitely one of my site for ties and bow ties.

June 15th at 4:00PM

Aaron Bice I have 15 of them, great buy!!

June 13th at 5:02PM

Victoria Craig I have ordered 10 ties from here.And I Am soooooooo pleased. And My Fiance Loves Them! ❤

June 12th at 8:21PM

Leyla Caldwell These are beautiful ties, bought several for my husband!

June 11th at 10:37AM

Roy Spearman Fast shipping. Just placed order on Tuesday and received it Thursday. Very happy with my purchase!

June 10th at 9:12AM

Victoria Craig I ordered these last weekend for my Fiance for Father's Day. I am Soooooooo Happy with the Quick service and AWESOME Quality of the Ties.My order arrived yesterday. And I'm A shopper for life...Thank You So Much🙏❤

June 9th at 3:09PM

paulpenaartist - Love my latest purchases!

June 7th at 11:30AM

William W. Ellis I use this company, exclusively.

June 5th at 7:38AM

Dennis-Linda M Dragon  Just bought 5. Quality is better than you would expect. I was surprised how well made they are and with with the material quality. Shipping was free and came from Arizona not China. Received them within days not weeks. Will definitely be buying more.

June 5th at 6:12AM

Sonny El Santo Flores Best quality of ties! I have ordered 3 times about 15 tie packs!!! The colors pop, coordinate with my suits perfectly!!!!

June 4th at 5AM

Hamid Kharrat Great Styles & Fabric. An Excellent Value for the price and GREAT Service & Customer Relation. All for $20.00 & Free Shipping

June 2nd at 12:10PM

Pam Rose Sierco This is a great company. I ordered a bow tie for my sons prom and accidentally ordered a self bow tie and just couldn’t do it. So this company shipped me the same one in a pre tied one free of charge so it would be here in time for prom. Great quality and customer service.

May 29th at 2:40PM

Darnell Bowman I got two sets from them a few months ago very nice too

May 27th at 7:31AM

tonygarcia1975 Twenty dollar ties has good quality ties for a great price that you can't beat.

May 25th at 11:02PM

Nicholas Rossell I have been seriously impressed with the quality of the ties and the quick delivery.

May 23rd at 5:23PM

Michael Sukowski I love all of mine and always receive many compliments whenever I wear them.

May 21st at 3:03PM

Lisa Pry Love these ties. Have bought them for my husband and son.

May 19th at 6:15AM

George Sarofeen I wore a tie of yours on Friday evening and got 7 compliments on my tie! That NEVER happens. But it DID happen.

May 15th at 5AM

caribbeanty Just bought some Lapel Pins. Can’t wait to wear to the TV Network events! #tvnetworkexecutive

May 13th at 1:50AM

mikeycadillac My favorite place to shop for ties ,whenever I go to a function I always get a number of compliments from both men and women on my ties 👍💯

May 12th at 12:02PM

Anthony Thomas Just got mine today. Very very pleased!

May 11th at 7:18AM

Fannye Faye Johnson Robinson I purchased several for my husband, since he's suit n tie every Sunday.

May 10th at 2:30PM

John Vonderau These are great ties I get compliments on them all the time!

May 9th at 5:11PM

Willis Wade Bill Apple I am loving wearing these tie sets!

May 8th at 11:02PM

Wordoflifeministry Vazquez I got 4 of them to start... beautiful!

May 7th at 8PM

Robin Carr I purchased our choirs ties from this vendor!

May 6th at 8:33AM

Benjamin Stilson Got my first two last week and I absolutely love them they look very sharp.

May 5th at 4:16PM

Bob Bradbury Still the best source for ties and pocket squares.......

May 4th at 9:49AM

Jim Stengel These are the best around! Bought three and LOVE 'em

May 3rd at 10:20PM

Gabriel Ascolese Ordered 7 ties and very happy with them!

May 2nd at 7:12AM

Willis Wade Bill Apple Shipment arrived today, and these are great looking accessories! Uniquely distinctive patterns I have not seen elsewhere, to be sure!

May 1st at 8AM

Leroy Tweed I've ordered 20 in the last few months, I have a new 20 dollar habit...in a good way.

April 30th at 9:04PM

Craig L Brown Sr Very good quality and stylish apparel. you can not go wrong with the right selections for you. I bought 10 sets.

April 29th at 7:02PM

Taylor Hoopii I love the ties i received. Will definitely purchase more.

April 28th at 3:51PM

Joe Mascaro Having more compliments on these ties from my customers and people wherever I go.
Great ties!

April 27th at 6:31PM

Diann Coles-Greene I buy these for my husband. They are nice.

April 26th at 8:24AM

John Ferris I've ordered many...they are all great...customer for life !! Thanks !

April 25th at 10:49AM

Ken Wilds Just recieved my order, great ties and quick delivery. I'll be ordering more.

April 24th at 8:21AM

Ken Roberts I have some, I will get more. Great ties, wonderful pricing.

April 23rd at 1:30PM

Larry Johnson Ordered and received 1st one ..Great quality and looks. !!

April 22nd at 4:00PM

Bob Angeli had friends that liked their page, ordered a few, received them and looked exactly as professional and sharp in my hand as they do on the website....liked them so much bought a second time....think I have now purchased about 12 between the 2 transactions....would be hard to shop somewhere else to be honest, can't beat the price and quality

April 21st at 9:06AM

Gemetrious Vincent My husband loves their ties

April 20th at 2:40PM

Joe Macieląg I’ve purchased two of your ties so far! I am 83 years old, where were you when I could have used you 60 years ago. I love your ties!

April 19th at 10:32PM


April 10th at 5:10PM

the_real_super_k Best place on the web to buy a tie. Unless you are like me an buy twenty.

April 5th at 6:02AM

Randy Taylor Love these sets unbelievable price for the quality.

April 1st at 3:09PM

Nicole McClenton I ordered from this and the quality is great! shipment comes within 3-4 days also

March 26th at 4PM

Craig L Brown Sr very nice quality, price, selection and service. I bought 10.

March 24th at 5:10AM

James T Penman I just bought 3. I am supremely happy with the quality. A rare real deal!

March 21st at 6:07PM

Chuck Paris Just bought my second tie with in two weeks love them

March 19th at 11:23AM

Chad Horton Just got mine in! Ordered 6 sets, Tie, handkerchief, and cuff links. Great quality, Very nice silk! Can't beat this deal!

March 16th at 3:08PM

iamdjzorro Love these ties...i’ve ordered in the past, just ordered 3 more today👍🏼😎

March 14th at 6:15PM

Martin Khilawan  I ordered 3 sets. Very nice!

March 13th at 2:11PM

Frances Worley I’ve ordered some of these ties and they are nice!

March 11th at 7AM

Sonny El Santo Flores I ordered 5 ties over the weekend. They just arrived today, and the quality are perfect. The pocket squares are the large sizes, and I'm just very impressed!! I'll be ordering 5 more sets soon!!!!!

March 8th at 1:40PM

Bill Green Great ties… for way more than they cost! I have a bunch from you and will add many more to come!

March 7th at 3:03PM

Steven L Getman I got a few from them really nic!

March 6th at 6PM

Jamaal J. Charleston I purchased 5 of them, and will buy more!

March 5th at 7:47AM

Neil MacAulay Got my ties this week and I have gotten a lot of compliments

March 4th at 2:31PM

Cody Henson Just got my first order in and they're amazing! I'll definitely be ordering again. 😍

March 3rd at 10:11PM

J Michael Porterfield These $20 dollar combos are absolutely amazing! I get compliments ever day I wear them!

March 2nd at 9:08AM

Randy Fowler Got my 3 ties today. They are Gorgeous!!! I had no idea they came with handkerchief and matching cuff links 🤩🤩🤩. Love them!

March 1st at 5:02AM

Michael Prueter Great ties !!! Love mine !

February 28th at 6:17PM

Derrick Gerald I've ordered about 10 ties already and I'm ordering more each week! They arrive pretty quick! The style and quality are AWESOME!!!!

February 27th at 9:06PM

paulbartonabc - I’ve bought 2 so far and they rock!

February 26th at 9:14AM

Dennis Hughes Great ties, great prices, with great assortments. AND fast shipping. 

February 25th at 10:37AM

Michael Dellinger I recently bought ties here and I like them

February 24th at 5:40PM

runchadio Just received my first shipment (of many to come) last week. I'm in awe of the value and quality. So glad I found your IG page.

February 23rd at 6:11PM

Ray Butler Absolutely the best in the tie/accessory business!!!!

February 22nd at 10:10AM

Michael Dellinger I just received 4 tie sets from this site today. Very satisfied. They have regular and extra long ties for tall or Big men

February 21st at 4:07PM

Derrick Gerald Love my ties I've ordered 10 within a month! I love the selections and the quality is Outstanding! I'm getting alot of praises! I'm hooked and ordering more soon!

February 20th at 6:42PM

Leslie Thomas Just recently purchased three tie-pocket handkerchief - Cuff-links sets! Extremely pleased.

February 19th at 5:30AM

Michael Prueter Bought two ties and got Compliments on both. very happy with the ties !!!

February 18th at 3:19PM

Glendall R. Arnold Love ❤️ Twenty Dollar Tie bought several ties from them! 👍

February 17th at 8PM

Stan Massey Already purchased a couple. Love this site.

February 16th at 5:10PM

Michael Lawrence Wilson My Seven $20 Ties arrived yesterday. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Thank You Twentydollartie.com. #dressedforsuccess

February 15th at 3:40PM

Gloria Williams Nice quality ties.

February 15th at 2:03PM

Corey Skinner REALLY nice ties and unbeatable value. I have about 8 of them .

February 14th at 8:13AM

Dennis Carraher I am a retired teacher, but I still sub. My wife (love of my life) picks out my clothes for each day I work. I get raves for all of my ties from your site. Thank you!

February 13th at 6:21PM

Marilyn Fincel My son just bought 6 ties from them. He has worn 3 and loves them. Not wearing the matching pocket square that comes with it here. However he likes the sets. Now he wants a convertable French dress shirt to wear the cufflinks. He showed me the tie he will wear tomorrow. He was looking forward to receiving it.

February 12th at 1:00PM

Jewel Redford I brought the tie,bow tie, and I think the cuff links they are nice

February 11th at 12:12PM

Michael Lawrence Wilson I treated MYSELF to seven ties. Dress for Success! 😎

February 11th at 12:01PM

Donald R. Slaughter Jr. I just received my first order of 6 ties yesterday. A short two days after I placed the order! They arrived very quickly, and without me requesting any fast delivery options.

I'm very impressed with the quality of the ties. They look and feel great.

February 11th 2019 at 9:01AM

John Moran Amazing! Placed an order last week and received a couple of days ago, 5 ties w/pocket squares and cuff links, pure silk, excellent high quality all for the price of one silk tie at a decent men't shop! Definitely will be ordering more!

February 11th at 7:14AM

Geoffrey KD Addicted to those ties, have couple of them, very excellent ties

February 10th at 1PM

Loyd Lucas I've purchased a few of these ties. I Love the way the Windsor knot looks. Great quality !!!

February 10th at 12:32PM

Cory Wanner Excellent quality tie/pocket square sets. I’ve bought three sets and have received many compliments

February 9th at 3:10PM

John Bartolucci Sr. Just received my first order. Won't be my last. Very nice product.

February 8th at 2PM

John Bartolucci Sr.  Just received my first order. Won't be my last. Very nice product.

February 7th at 10:42PM

Wayne Hammonds Great ties. I have 25 of them!

February 6th 2019 at 8:12AM

Fred H Burgess Great buy on Silk ties right there!

February 5th 2019 at 6PM

Joseph Farina New customer and just love the selection. You can't just find these ties in the stores. Stylish and incredibly fast shipping.

February 3rd at 10:11AM

Shamar Beckham I have loved every tie set that I’ve purchased so far! Keep up the good work

February 2nd at 8:19AM

Glen Diggs I got two last year. Love um

January 31st at 5:50PM

Vicky Ceaser Great quality! My boyfriend loves the bowties.

January 29th at 5:33PM

Andrew Brower I bought 4 of their ties just recently and I’m extremely impressed with the quality. The tie, the pocket silk, and the cuff links are all awesome and even better than expected. Absolutely would recommend.

January 26th 2019 at 10:02AM

Anthony Walker I ordered 6 about a week ago. They came an are really nice. So i ordered 5 more yesterday!

January 24th 2019 at 4:29PM

Philip Grayson I have several ties from them, and just received my latest one a week ago !

January 22nd at 1:40PM

Steven Smith received mine today!

January 20th 2019 at 2PM

john mancuso - Great stuff! Just got my order. Came fast and the items are a great quality!

January 19th 2019 at 1PM

Bob Reilly Bought 3. I'm impressed. Good stuff. Worth 2x-3x as much with the pocket square included!

January 17th 2019 at 7:20AM

Gary Chappell I just got mine in the mail. Looks fantastic, tie looks like good craftsmanship!

January 16th 2019 at 1:09AM

Michael Holmes I just got some ties that came in the mail today this Neck-ware is awesome!

January 15th 2019 at 6PM

David Horn The 2nd. one, multi-color, I have. This company makes some of the best ties I have ever bought. Tie, hanky and matching cuff links, $20.00. You can't beat it........

January 14th 2019 at 5:10PM

Katherine Wilson I absolutely love this site!!! The quality is amazing and design selections are great! I have placed numerous orders for my boyfriend before and just ordered 2 tie sets, bow tie set and a lapel this morning!!

January 13th 2019 at 3:12PM

Geolink Surveying Quality, beautiful ties - Dan Holt

January 12th 2019 at 3PM

Andrew Farah MY first order just arrived! Gotta admit, I was a bit skeptical that you could produce HIGH quality SILK ties, a pocket square AND matching cufflinks for $20.00.... but a skeptic no more!!!!! Great quality, shipped in no time at all, and one helluva selection. You've got a client for life!

January 11th 2019 at 2:22PM

Gilbert Manzano I just received my in the mail it Beautiful and good quality materials 3 pcs I love it Thank you ❤️

January 10th 2019 at 1:09PM

Beth Sharp the quality is really good. Fabric is soft. I ordered a bow tie recently and my only Issue is I can’t tie a bow tie 😂

January 9th 2019 at 12AM

Don Broussard Amazing quality! Purchased 5 before and just purchased 6 more.

January 6th 2019 at 11:07PM

Paul Dunbar .. this where I get my bow ties from. Nice selection

January 5th 2019 at 6PM

Cyrus Malhotra Great ties, great company!

January 3rd 2019 at 5PM

Steven J Smith Love my ties! Wore a new one, I just got in today, out to dinner tonight!

January 1st 2019 at 2:15PM

Eric Feldhausen I buy all my ties from here...get many complements on them!!! Very nice and great quality!!!!

December 30th 2018 at 5:10PM

Leroy Tweed So happy that I ordered another seven ties after receiving the first order, also referred friends that saw my ties and want to order some too.

December 29th, 2018 at 6PM

Bob Chandler I buy and wear these ties. Great quality. I order them and usually are in my mail box 2-3 days. If you like quality you will love them.

December 28th at 2:16PM

Leroy Tweed Very quick shipping, ordered on Wednesday and received them today, very pleased.

December 27th at 1:37PM

Tracey Stewart-parks I Love this site! I pass on to all the best dressed men I know.

December 26th at 2:20PM

Mary Jo Almanza Bought my hubby 3 sets and we absolutely love them. Cant wait for him to where them.

December 25th at 9:41PM

Larry Borges Bought 4 ties early last week, arrived in a week. Very pleased

December 24th at 2PM

Edward Cerchione Sr. I dont wear ties to often, but was looking for a tie for my suit. Didn’t like anything the stores had to offer. Bought a tie from TDT and loved it. Good quality for a reasonable price. I will Definitely be buying a few more. Thank you.

December 23rd at 1:32PM

William G. Marcum Jr. Got my first two ties, cuff links and squares... awesome colors and Quality for $20. I’ll be buying more. Thank you

December 22nd at 4:50PM

Edmund J. Petry Awesome ties, good quality! I have bought over 30 ties!!! Very satisfied!!!

December 21st at 8AM

Maxwell McCarty  Wanted to tell you how excited I was with my purchase. I was hesitant to purchase as I have a few experiences with poor quality materials from other vendors. I purchased three ties for my brother and loved them all. I am going to re-purchase one those same ties for myself. The cuff links that came with the ties were quite nice as well and fit perfectly with the chosen tie. Thank you again for the prompt delivery and the quality ties!

December 20th at 12PM

Billy Burnett Bought three sets. Was stopped on the street twice in one evening with comments on how sharp they looked. Really happy with the quality.

December 19th at 7:12PM

Crystal Y. Taylor Dixon Yes they have very nice ties abs bow ties sets. I ordered my husband a set from them. Very very nice

December 19th at 5PM

Ed DeSilva Ordered 5 ties and am thrilled with them!

December 19th at 4:01PM

Dennis Hacker I've ordered twice now. Very pleased with my first shipment. 

December 18th at 6PM

Kevin OBrien ordered 5 sets for Christmas gifts, love them, great quality.

December 18th at 1PM

Troy Winters Luv this...Have bought several sets from them.

December 17th at 12PM

Robert L. Hicks Jr. Love these ties. Great prices and fast service!

December 16th at 6:36PM

Helen Holder Yes i order last year for the first time they are nice and silk

December 15th at 4:34PM

Pamela Johnson I order from them all the time my husband loves them

December 14th at 3:12PM

Isaac Hayes I'm a member of the twentydollartie club. Only way to buy ties and accessories.😍

December 13th at 2:04PM

Chris Gonzales I recommend them.

December 12th at 6:45PM

Miguel Melgar You guys are AMAZING! I ordered 27 ties from you guys and I am getting complements on all of them! I will be a lifelong customer THANK YOU! 👍

December 11th at 2:00PM

Cory Wanner I’ve got three sets of the ties/pocket square/cuff links. Each set has garnered me more compliments than I have had with anything I’ve ever worn. These sets are worth every penny.

December 10th at 6:38AM

Tanela Moffatt I've ordered a couple of times for my son and it doesn't take long for u to Receive ur order. Love this site!

December 9th at 12:09PM

Larry Mann Received my ties today. Very pleasantly surprised !

December 8th at 3:50PM

Gary Stanaland Wore my red and white Showcase to church and got many compliments on it. The wife loves it.

December 7th at 9:36PM

Bob Bradbury My go-to source for affordable ties!

December 6th at 7:51PM

William E Stoughton High quality ties at a great price! A satisfied customer! Thanks for a great product! 👍🏻🤓

December 5th at 6:32AM

Mark Milligan My Tie Source

December 4th at 5PM

Randy Taylor Can't beat the quality for what you will pay.

December 3rd at 12:06PM

Mike Van De Mark I love my bow sets from you folks!

December 2nd at 6:08AM

bigloudeltoro Got my order yesterday. Gotta say I’m impressed with the material for the price. Good stuff for sure. Glad I ordered 5 sets!

December 1st at 7:09PM

Al Snyder I like to buy their ties and cuff links. You can’t beat the price and quality.

December 1st at 6PM

Barry McClendon I have a nice selection of TDT's products, and they never fail to elicit nice comments. I just ordered 12 more.

December 1st at 5:29PM

Sharon Dansby Nelson My husband got some from here they are nice!

November 30th at 1PM

Shirley McCowin They are just as you see them in the advertisements; quality fabric, cuff links are sharp and prices are great. My God’s man loves shopping here..

November 30th at 10:52AM

Neoyshi U Johnson Love these tie sets. I buy my favorites for my husband. 💙

November 29th at 8:55AM

Sabrina Davison I have ordered ties from this website several times. The quality is great as well as the price. My husband and son love them.

November 28th at 3:03PM

Chris Gonzales They are nice. I ordered a few a couple months ago.

November 27th at 6:48PM

Zena Smith My husband buys these tie and cuff link sets- they are beautiful and very well made💕

November 26th at 9:12AM

Samuel Mark Barber Nice stuff...I ordered some and am very impressed!

November 25th at 11:01PM

Tim Kincaid I really like the pre-tied bow tie and pocket square I ordered. I'm going to take the time to go through all the ties and pick a few.

November 24th at 8:09AM

Anthony G. Riley I got my tie today!!! VERY Nice!!!

November 23rd at 7:10AM

David Hill Jr Brah I've ordered several times from this site and they are quality and look as good as the picture

November 22nd at 5:15PM

Teresa Bone White These ties are really nice. Good quality. My husband loves the.

November 21st at 1PM

Stephen Smith Ditto, on all the above positive compliments. I received my first TDT tie and pocket square a few days ago and I’m very pleased. As a barber student, with ties and a dapper appearance as part of the “game” I’ll definitely become a Twenty Dollar Tie “frequent flyer” in the days ahead! 👍🏻👍🏻

November 20th at 2:22PM

Michael Carrington Just received my Richmond Series set. This now makes 5 ties I have purchased from you guys.
I’m very pleased and will buy more in the near future.

November 18th at 12PM

Jack Schulze Got my dark red flower lapel pin yesterday. Looks great and matches my vest and bow tie perfectly. Ordered it Friday night and it was delivered Monday! Great service. Thanks.

November 17th at 11:45AM

radunu Just received my order and the ties are amazing. Thanks!

November 16th at 11:25AM

Krishna Dobbs I buy these ties all the time most come with links and hankie!

November 16th at 6:59AM

Randy Taylor These sets are unbelievable the quality for the price.
Way to go Twenty Dollar Ties!

November 15th at 2:01PM

Millie Jean Dixon I bought some ties from this site, they r really nice...

November 15th at 11:22AM

Harry Kinnatd Great looking ties and pocket square I got my 10 and they look great.

November 14th at 11:56AM

hair1fab Thank for quick service after order love my tie etc I’ve been tellin all

November 13th at 6:37PM

mbuck_28@mbillerasmith22 check these guys out. I just bought 5 ties, with matching cuff links and pocket squares and received today. All for $75, total. Great quality! Won’t be disappointed.

November 12th at 7AM

David E Ball Got my Mamba tie set this past weekend, absolute love it multiple compliments. Thank you very much

November 12th at 4:12AM

Rowdy Sartor Love this site. I have probably purchased about ten ties.

November 11th at 2PM

Luis Lamboy Ive used this company on several occasions. Their ties are fantastic.

November 11th at 12:23PM

Mike Carratura AWESOME!!.. Ordered 4 sets!!.. Got them in a day and a half.. Thought I would have to wait til Monday.. I'm soo set right now.. You're my definite goto for my ties!!

November 10th at 12PM

Murray Robinson I am very pleased with my ties and will be adding to my collection.

November 9th at 1:10PM

Glendall R. Arnold Love their Tie sets.....ordered many times!

November 8th at 9:40AM

Michael Zepol This place is AMAZING. Quality products! AWESOME customer service!

November 7th at 9AM

Charles Paxton I just purchased… the tie is really a nice quality tie! love it!

November 7th at 7:11AM

pastor1115 - These guys are the best of the best. I’ve ordered a few ties and will be ordering a bunch more. I’m definitely a lifetime customer @twentydollartie

November 6th at 9:52PM

Bob Bradbury MY go to source for ties...........

November 6th at 7:18AM

Rick Carr I'll never buy another tie from a department store. I'm sold on twenty dollar tie!

November 6th at 5:43AM

Elder David Roberts Watts Love these ties and they ship fast!

November 5th at 9AM

Rick Carr Great quality fast service you'll hear from me again and sending all my friends your way!

November 5th at 12:12AM

Russel Harper I brought 6 of these ties they are the bomb

November 4th at 10:10AM

Charles Paxton I just got one. if your into being suited and booted These Are really nice ties..!

November 4th at 8:12AM

Robert T Sells I just got my first two tie sets in the mail and all I can say is WOW!!! I will definitely be ordering more!!

November 4th at 8AM

Jeffrey Weller Yes! They produce nothing but style/quality!

November 3rd at 4:40PM

Tab Brock Just got mine yesterday. very well made!

November 3rd at 4:21PM

Mike Van De Mark Just got my very first bow tie from you today. I LOVE IT! Now that I've seen the quality for myself, expect me to purchase from you exclusively

November 3rd at 12:03PM

David Poindexter Great ties. I ordered one and love it!

November 2nd at 1:10PM

Shelton Price This is where I get all my ties from now

November 1st at 2:38PM

Larry Bannerman I bought 5 of these and my wife bought be 5 more. I threw out all of my old ties!

November 1st at 6:36AM

Romefayette DeFrance Barnes You cant beat them, use them all the time!

October 31st at 6PM

TD Hale Best Ties I've ever bought.

October 31st at 5:52AM

Ryan Stefanski I love these ties. You can’t go wrong for what you get. I have placed 2 orders within the last 2 weeks and told probably 10 people about the site. Keep adding styles into the XL side and I will keep buying!

October 30th at 12:31PM

John Wolfe Very nice quality bow ties, cuff link, and pocket square.

October 29th at 6:03PM

Bob Russell Just got my first 3 ties and they look awesome!

October 28th at 10:09AM

Tracey Pierce Bought a tie set ftom here. Very happy, a lot of compliments. Will purchase more.

October 27th at 9:23AM

Mat Lewczenko Just got an amazing compliment of my tie! This from a clothing designer, asked me if it was from Nordstrom, he swore it was a $75 tie. I am thrilled with the 5 ties I just ordered. Will be ordering more very soon.

October 27th at 8:31AM

Howard Reed Just received my order. great ties! will only buy my ties from Twentydollartie!

October 27th at 4AM

Thomas Madejski The ties arrived with matching squares and cuff links. Good quality. Great value and styles!

October 26th at 2PM

Nathan J Roberts They are amazing. I’ve ordered before and will order again.

October 25th at 11:AM

Bob Russell Just got my first 3 ties and they look awesome!

October 25th at 12:23AM

John Wolfe Very nice quality bow ties, cuff link, and pocket square.

October 24th at 8:15PM

Mike Schneider Have purchased them before, good quality. Never had need to return!

October 23rd at 3:13PM

Ryan J. Drake I just got mine in the mail, quality is good!

October 22nd at 2:02PM

grandpawalker Just got my order for 2 ties and 1 bow. The best all around.

October 22nd at 1:02AM

gryphon_forge_and_knife Just got the first tie/square combo. Beautiful!

October 21st at 11:36AM

Robert Gildersleeve Sr. Just ordered 3 bow tie sets to my collection!

October 20th at 2:35PM

Randy Waldman I have bought over ten ties with matching pocket squares and cuff links! People ask me daily where I got such interesting ties!

I’m addicted!

October 19th at 1:08PM

Eric Marshall They have great ties!

October 18th at 11:23AM

Lee Buchanan Have gotten 5 ties from them all nice

October 17th at 2:53AM

Shawn Donnelly Mine just arrived - beautiful ties!

October 16th at 4:42AM

Mario Gordon I have at least 15 of their ties. Beautiful, good quality, silk ties.. Can't beat 'em.....

October 15th at 4:49AM

Lee A Morgan Jr. I bought ties and they are very nice, I have some in my cart now

October 14th at 3:22PM

Jeff Ross I've ordered 10 now. They are absolutely high quality ties. Would recommend this site to all my friends.

October 13th at 2:06PM

Loyd Lucas Love this company. My collection is growing.

October 13th at 12:05PM

Kevin Trotman I bought 4 of these recently and love them. They were extra long too, so they tied well around my 20" neck.

October 12th at 9:03AM

Dominic John Dallessandro I get compliments all the time from people at church ⛪. Even thought I saw one of your ties on Pastor Charles Stanley the other morning..

October 11th at 10:10AM

Rick Du Bose The blue/white striped tie advertised here just came in. Absolutely gorgeous! TwentyDollarTie KEEP DOING YOUR THING!!!...

October 10th at 6:13AM

Michael Dixon Yes they are nice i order from them quite often and it doesn't take long to get your order back

October 9th at 4:54PM

Johnny Wilson My best man and I got our bow-ties from there.

October 9th at 3:12AM

Pete Mitchell Already have 6 ties from this company very impressed!

October 8th at 12:12PM

Drew Simashkevich I did receive mine as well. Yes quality is great. I would highly recommend the XL ties if you go with a double windsor knot!

October 7th at 3:03PM

Errol Radford Great quality!

October 6th at 2:50AM

Michael Carrington Got mine and wore it yesterday. I looked good!!!

October 5th at 10AM

tomlrealtor Outstanding quality.

October 5th at 9:13AM

dd_t4 I bought several ties well worth the money.

October 4th at 2PM

Hunter VanDervort I ordered 3 tie sets a few weeks ago with the 25% off deal, they arrived within days and the quality is superb!

October 3rd at 5:32PM

Frank Pimentel Love this site!

October 2nd at 4:11PM

Bill McGowan Wearing ONE of my favorite TwentyDollarTies.comright now. Can't pick just ONE as my true favorite. Have to change my tie 3x/day to come close to satisfying me.

October 1st at 3:29AM

Bob Bradbury I have several, and I likely will buy more.

September 29th at 1:15PM

James Holsey Great ties and good prices.

September 28th at 12:09AM

James Price Just got the pearl tie. It's gorgeous!

September 27th at 10:59AM

Rich Isadore Love Twentydollartie.com!!! You guys have some really nice, eye-catching ties.

September 25th at 9:12AM

Pappy Monticello I ordered 3 ties from them as well earlier this month. I'm not disappointed in the quality at all!

September 24th at 2:30PM

Pete Mitchell I buy all my ties here!

September 23rd at 1PM

Elvis Pearl If only they made custom tailored 👔 dress shirts 👍. If you don’t want compliments or to stick out in a crowd then these beautiful ties are not for you. Trust Me 👍

September 22nd at 9:22AM

K. L. Askew Sr. This site is the bomb! I've ordered at least 20 ties thus far (including the 1 in my profile pic) and the compliments never stop!!! Thank you!!!

September 21st at 12:38PM

Kenneth Darby Best to shop online

September 20th at 11:09AM

Darrell Winn Got my tie set in the mail today. Love it!

September 19th at 5:00AM

Joe Olivas I have bought about 10 styles and what I can tell you is that they all look great and makes me feel awesome. From my double breasted to 3 button suits, I get compliments on the ties. They are worth every $. Well spent!

September 18th at 12:21PM

Bob Radford Just received my first order and ties are good quality... I'd say these are a very good value.

September 17th at 4:50PM

Douglass Kee Very good quality and styles!

September 16th at 2:11PM

Gerald Swain received mine so fast! will be looking good now!

September 15th at 3:33PM


September 14th at 12:20PM

Charles Paxton I ordered a couple. nice quality ties and colors!

September 12th at 8:09AM

Chad Rogers I just got my first order in the mail last night. Wearing the tie today! Awesome quality and absolutely love the tie!! I’m kind of snob when it comes to ties, so I was very skeptical but I’m TOTALLY A FAN!!! Great job guys, I almost wish your name was not twenty dollar ties because I could give these as gifts and people would think I spent MUCH more money on them 🙂. Keep it up!

September 9th at 12:13PM

Scott Gruff I HIGHLY recommend Twenty Dollar Tie...I ordered 7 ties and they were delivered within 2-3 days (no extra charge)...When they arrived, I noticed that one of the ties did not have a matching Pocket Square...I contacted Twenty Dollar Tie and they explained to me that this particular tie did not come with a Pocket Square ...IT WAS TOTALLY MY ERROR, but they told me they would have one made (no charge) and have it sent to me (no charge for the SQ or shipping) and I received it basically over night !!! Talk about excellent customer service !!! A+++

September 7th at 9:14AM

David Horn I buy my ties here and I love them. Every tie, they send you the tie, a hanky, and cuff links to match. They have some beautiful stuff.

September 4th at 7:01AM

Tim Shanklin So today I got my first tie from you guys, I was honestly very skeptical about what kind of quality a 20$ tie could be so I only ordered 1. Well I’m more than impressed! I usually get ties from Brooks Brothers or Jos.A. Banks for 60-80$ or more well that’s done. I’ll be ordering many more !

September 3rd at 5:33PM

Travis Weeks Picked up a bow tie from them last week. Service was amazing, shipping is fast, and the product is great!

September 2nd at 4:50AM

Tyrone Glover Just ordered the Venice set. Silver & Black. I can not express enough the satisfaction and wardrobe enhancement these tie sets has provided me with.

September 1st at 6:08AM

Joe Moses Great looking ties...I purchased about 6 so far with cufflinks and hankies...getting a lot of compliments...

August 31st at 2:40PM

Carol Cole The 3 sets of bow ties I ordered for my Friend is exceptional, he loves them! I will order more and yes I appreciated the speedy delivery!

August 30th at 4PM

Rod Neal Just Received am order of 2 ties and one bowtie. All with cuff links and a pocket square for each. 42 bucks, on sale. And delivered in less than 3 days after ordering. Really impressed.

August 29th at 3:44PM

Warner Mathias I have purchased close to 20 ties and really like them. I am in a gospel group and i have purchased them for myself and the other two guys. With the cuff links and the pocket tees...they really dress a suit up.

August 28th at 4:10PM

Cory Wanner I’ve ordered one set and have received so many compliments from people I know and complete strangers. They all ask, “Where did you find that tie.” I tell them a website called Twenty Dollar Tie. I would love to get more ties and will be ordering more.

August 28th at 3:40AM

oxque13 @ TwentyDollarTie: Jus got the 5 ordered. Look very nice. Better than I expected. I was paying 35 to 50 for 1. I’m getting 10 more by mid September.

August 27th at 6:12PM

shortstuffbill @ TwentyDollarTie:  Very nice ties with a great selection and price. Will be purchasing more from you really soon!

August 26th at 9:19PM

Bob Bradbury My three newest ties arrived today. Very satisfied.......

August 25th at 8:21PM

Ronald Richardson Just got my first order and I am definitely impressed and will be ordering again.

August 24th at 3:43PM

Salley Palmer Bought three ties for my husband and they are really nice. Shipping is free and they arrived in three days as advertised.

August 23rd at 7:52AM

Bob Bradbury I like my ties from this store. Great value........

August 22nd at 9:16AM

Michael Nembhard company sells great quality bowtie And necktie. I bought a few from them!

August 21st at 11:21PM

Billy Booker They have great ties. I have the black/orange one. It pops.

August 20th at 10AM

Delania Wilson I was very happy with what I ordered for my husband!

August 19th at 2:29PM

Dennis Carraher Ordered the tie pictured and more . Very pleased with the quality!

August 19th at 2:28PM

Frank Rossi Love the ties/sets! Great ties, Just Ordered Another One!

August 18th at 5:33AM

Michael Sukowski I just placed my fifth order!

August 17th at 6:39AM

Jamie Williamson Personally ordered twice....if I need more ties this is my go to. Thank you

August 16th at 5:17PM

Scott Curry I order 20 ties. They were so nice, I ordered 14 more. Good quality, fast shipping, great customer service. You're crushing your competition! You've got a multi million dollar business on your hands!

August 15th at 9:53AM

Winston Buchanan Excellent quality at rock bottom prices.

August 14th at 10:10AM

Frank Rossi Wore White smoke floral tie to a wedding last week and received so many compliments!

August 13th at 2:18PM

Hardy Dewane Jackson I've ordered many of their bowties. Good quality for the price.

August 12th at 4PM

Freida Smith I have already bought my husband ties from this website a few months ago and he loves them.

August 11th at 6:41AM

Jerry P. Honstein I have tons of these! Tie easily; present well; unique designed. GREAT VALUE!

August 10th at 10:11PM

Johnnieand Neka I ordered two bow ties for my husband. They arrived very quickly and are quality made! I will definitely order more ties and bow ties from this company again! 

August 9th at 11:29AM

Johnnie Henderson I bought 3 sets they are truly the sharpest I've seen!

August 8th at 12PM

Nick Theriault Bought two sets recently and I love them. They are really good quality and sharp looking.

August 8th a 11:15AM

Dane Young Got two today via USPS, wore one. Nice quality, great value.

August 7th at 5:23PM

Audrey Hayes I just recommended this site yesterday to a young man who needs to increase his tie collection. We LOVE the ones my husband bought.

August 6th at 4:39AM

Jerry Rogers Mine just arrived. What a fantastic color, workmanship and design!

August 4th at 2:30PM

captmuttonmiked @ TDT - By far the best tie selections I’ve ever seen for affordable prices....I just ordered 3 tie sets, 4 sets of cufflinks and have 7 more sets in my cart.... #addicted

August 3rd at 8:10AM

Roger Bauer Repeat customer-I've never been disappointed.

August 2nd at 9:18AM

Michael Kirkland I just received the Encenitas Tie Set (I think I keep spelling it wrong).It's a very cool tie set. Once again Right on to the $20 tie company!

August 1st at 7PM

Garland Jones Great service also, I needed a tie for the weekend; I order on Mon or Tues boom it’s here...Thanks TDT !!

August 1st at 5:55AM


July 31st at 4:42AM

Joy Thulin Jones I ordered some of these recently for my wedding and was very impressed with the quality. Beautiful products that are extremely well made.

July 31st at 3:30AM

Lee N Judy Beautiful ties and excellent quality from a customer who has purchased several from you.

July 30th at 5:55PM

Curtis Mcneill I got my new ties sets today love them so beautiful can’t wait to wear them

July 30th at 12PM

Aaron Hobbs I purchased 3 sets. They were as advertised. Great buy!

July 30th at 7:17AM

Bryan Jackson Just received my ties last week.They are great..I will be back for more!!!!!!!

July 30th at 6:22AM

Justin Moreau 1st order arrived super quick. Very nicely made ties. Excellent selection. I couldn't be happier. Will definitely order from you guys again.

July 29th at 10:41PM

Bill McGowan Can't say enough great things about these ties. I've been consumed with buying them. Get compliments nearly every time I wear one..!

July 28th at 9:15AM

James Price Always a good experience with them with several purchases now including a large order for a choir.

July 27th at 7:56AM

Mark Buchman I have ordered a few bow ties. I have been pleased with the selections and the service.

July 26th at 2:30PM

Bev Joseph Outstanding Ties & Prices and great Customer Service.. You have to be crazy NOT to look at this site and purchase ties. Keep up the great job!

July 25th at 4:13PM

Julio Garcia Received my order a couple of days, definitely satisfied. Will order more in the future.

July 24th at 5AM

Sk Miller These are stunning. We are going on a full-out family cruise next summer and all the guys are getting these to take. They are awesome. My husband has a couple already.

July 23rd at 12:12PM

William Gregory Sr. @ TwentyDollarTie. I love your ties. I just got one in The mail the other day. Your selection is just terrific. Keep the good work going.

July 21st at 11:41PM

Ralph Harris I bought 3 of these sets. I am totally happy with the quality. I will buy more!

July 19th at 10:16AM

Steven Foremaster - Bought a coral tie and it is beautiful!

July 18th At 8:22AM

rebeccadheard - These are such great people to buy from....great products!!

July 17th at 2:40PM

Alex Young Like Christmas in July! Great tie sets at unbeatable prices.

July 16th at 7:11PM

Paula Bauman I have ordered ties for my boys for a wedding and omg, I will never buy ties At the store again!
Great quality, great prices and fast shipping! 
5 Stars!⭐⭐
And all the different colors/patterns/styles is off the charts!!! Literally something for everyone!

July 15th at 6:33PM

Michael Cook I ordered back in the spring. It shipped quickly and it looked sharp. Now ordering some more!

July 14th at 4:15PM

Lena Rippstein I have ordered around 20 ties from you in the past for my husband and they are excellent quality! Very prompt delivery. I highly recommend!

July 13th at 3:02AM

Tara Harrington Allen I just got mine in the mail and I absolutely love them...I have been telling everyone about them!

July 12th at 2:28PM

Jeff Hood Just got my first three ties and I am extremely impressed with the quality! I can not wait to wear them and place my next order!

July 12th at 1:34PM

Michelle Carter These ties are absolutely fabulous! I ordered 6 sets for my son that lives in Manhattan, and he absolutely loves them. The quality is supreme and the designs are very classy and perfect for many occasions.

July 11th at 11:11AM

Shawan Newton Hall My husband love the quality!!!! He’s Satisfied!!!!

July 10th at 10:20AM

Carson Gautavai Top quality, top selection, top value and pricing, top delivery and service-Thanks TDT

July 9th at 7:22AM

Grant Kirkpatrick Just received my first order today and wow very impressed. Great quality and match the pics to a tee. Will be ordering more!

July 8th at 5:12PM

Collins Milhouse Great Bow Ties and Pocket Squares.... I've purchased several and love them all!

July 7th at 3:44AM

Julia Senior Lavender I’ve ordered them for my husband and son-in-law, they loved them!

July 6th at 7:01AM

gbsaxplayer - Love this company. Great looking and wearing ties, pocket squares and cuff links. As a performer and a person who likes style, they help me look the part without killing my wallet!

July 5th at 2:30PM

Goldie Watson I think it's time I get my hubby a couple more!

July 3rd at 1:15PM

Bill McGowan Ordered 4 of these ties a few days ago. Came TODAY. Super-nice ties and pocket squares.

July 1st at 11PM

Ugeneis Hines Got all 5 of mines...LOVE THEM. They are fantastic

June 30th at 9:49PM

Frank Auenson Ordered my tie, received it and it looks great. Yes, I will be ordering more in the future!

June 29th at 6:34AM

Michael Williams Just received my White Smoke Floral tie set today, and I'm more than pleased.

You've earned a repeat customer!!!

June 29th at 5:16AM

Thomas Benson Great ties and service at great prices!

June 28th at 6:32PM

Davida Mandela Monroe I got mine, i'm so happy!

June 27th at 8:43AM

Steve Smith I received some for Christmas from my wife. Fantastic looking! I get compliments everywhere I go. Soon time for some more!

June 26th at 11:17AM

Barry Brian I ordered 4 Sets. Got them in 4 days. Very pleased with the color richness and quality!

June 25th at 3PM

BeLinda-Billy R. Hampton The value of the product is superb!!

June 24th at 1:50PM

Kevin Stanford Just love these nice looking ties. Just bought another one and can’t wait to wear it. Thanks so much for your tie selection.

June 23rd at 7:17AM

Kenneth L. Eddington 

I've ordered from them. I got the Xl self-tie bow ties, and I get a lot of compliments on them. I just made another purchase as well, they had a promotion of 20% off of $99 and I took advantage and bought 5 more.

June 23rd at 5:43AM

Johnnie Henderson 

These ties are REALLY nice I've ordered several

June 22nd at 8AM

Tanya Green @ Twentydollartie fathers day was a success!!! Thank you!! Will definitely be ordering again! I need the ones that you don't have to tie for my son!

June 21st at 9:15AM

Frank King 

Got a New Tie today! goes perfect with my suit!
une 20th at 1:54PM

Bill Chicano 

I just got my 4th tie in the mail yesterday. I think this is the best one yet! 

June 19th at 2PM

Tanya Green 

My order was shipped on Monday and delivered today!!! Awesome!!

June 19th at 7:10AM

Erika Mitchell-Thomas I love your ties! They are of great quality. I’ve never been disappointed.

June 18th at 12:01PM

David Godbee Nice ties fast delivery!!

June 18th at 6AM

Stefan Waggoner Just got my 5 ties today complete with kerchief and cuff links, Executive deal!

June 17th at 8:39AM

Craig Paige Outstanding...Product ,Value ,Service..!

June 16th at 1:17AM

Barry McClendon I have ten of their necktie sets. Not a dud in the lot. Remarkably FAST shipping. A GREAT company to do business with.

June 15th at 6:16AM

Bebe Maxim You guys are amazing. The ties and bow ties are lovely.

June 14th at 5:20PM

Madoria Rayford Gloud Ordered online Tues night, received Fri AM. Excellent quality at a reasonable price! We're more than satisfied and will order again!!! ❤️😎💕👍🏼

June 13th at 6:55AM

Pamela Dubose Yarbrough This is my husbands FAVORITE place to shop for ties! He absolutely LOVES them! No shipping fee & they arrive in 3 days! Awesome service!!!

June 12th at 1:11PM

jayahrah50I - ordered 6 sets from you guys and the quality of the product and customer service is awesome. My package arrived sooner than expected. Great job. You guys got it right👍👍

June 11th at 7:30AM

leeandlee31@twentydollartie placed my orders and I must say that these are the best quality ties, cuff links and pocket squares for the price! My husband was pleased and so was I.. Thank you so much I will be ordering again!

June 10th at 1PM

Eric Feldhausen I have a few ties from here...great quality, and fast shipping...love them

June 10th at 10:10AM

Bo DeCarbo I just received three of the ties these tires are great quality, Pocket squares are great, and the cufflinks what an added attraction, and let’s not forget about the great price I’ll be back for more

June 9th at 8:20PM

Kevin Ransom Bought 7 ties and they are real nice. Received the package in 3 days via regular postal svc. The ties live up to the hype!

June 8th at 6:14PM

Scott Nutter Got my ties in two days. They are great!

June 8th at 12PM

Tom Cummings I just received my first order of 3 ties, handkerchiefs and cuff links. Quality looks very good for the price... they look fantastic.

June 8th at 8:41AM

Nigel Luongo I just received my order and I'm very happy!

June 7th at 10:11AM

Dave Sylvester I wanted to say I got my first order today extremely satisfied with my order.

I would also like to add that the customer service is awesome.

Highly recommended company

June 7th at 10AM

Sharon L. Brown I bought a few sets from them before, all that I gifted, loved them.....they are beautiful, and worth every penny and more. You get tie/bowtie, pocket square, and cufflinks $20.00

June 7th at 9:23AM

Danny Fleming already brought 6 tie sets from yall and will continue!

June 7th at 5:15AM

Geri Banks Received my son's ties, love them all! I will be buying more for gifts.

June 6th at 3:20PM

Loni Dames Bryant I love my new tie set and it was delivered on time!

June 6th at 8:36AM

Jeff Beard Just received my SECOND order from you guys and you surpassed my expections again! I ordered on a Thursday and I received my ties on MONDAY! My son and I will proudly sport our Twenty Dollar Ties at his graduation on Friday.

Both of us will be ordering again and again and again!

June 5th at 6:48PM

Bill Adcock I have gotten more positive comments on these tie sets. Ordering more!

June 4th at 9:31PM

Scott Nutter Ordered them on Friday night Got them on Monday. You guys are awesome. They look great. Thanks for the amazing Customer service!😀

June 4th at 5:46PM

Toby Wicks Purchased a couple of bow ties a couple of weeks ago. Like the price for big and tall sizes as well. Glad I found your site.

June 3rd at 11:39AM

Thomas Garrett I wore mine to church today, outstanding!

June 2nd at 2:52Pm

Marlene Potts We have about 6 or 8 so far and loving them.

June 1st at 9:03PM

Bill Chicano These ties . And the 3piece set are worth every penny . Have purchased 3 different ties so far . Very happy 😊.

June 1st at 3:12AM

Alonzo K. Walker I've purchased multiple times from you. I only wear bow ties. Always satisfied with the quality. You are go to source!

May 29th at 12:41PM

Vic Guy Ordered my first set
Fam loves it 👍🏽

May 28th at 2:23PM

Maria Ward I have bought several ties for my significant other and it’s amazing how these ties pop when paired with the right suits. Love all of them! Great products!

May 26th at 7AM

Joyce Pipkins Payne Love these ties.. I have gotten 3 so far and not disappointed at all good quality.. Will be ordering again..

May 25th at 6:50AM

Tony Waldrum Got mine last week.....I bought 20....very nice.

May 24th at 11:12AM

Eddie G. Hansberry Love my first two sets... Definitely not the last... My coworkers love the Arctic Steel set.

May 24th at 7:04AM

Jim Roca Ordered yesterday here today. outstanding!

May 23rd at 9:19AM

Calvin R Smith I have bought several tie sets. Will always shop here!

May 22nd at 3:17AM

Tyler Stephen Just bought 5 ties so pleased they are very nice

May 21st at 5:27AM

Gregg Bacon Jr. I have ordered ties for three weeks in a row from you guys. Love them.

May 18th at 3:35PM

Mark Reynolds I ordered and received three perfectly as described. I wore the first pocket square Friday and mixed/matched with some current items. At work they thought I had dressed for a job interview! Just the little touch can refresh.

May 17th at 2:08AM

Terese Campbell I bought your tie, hankie, cuff links combo last year (for a professor of mine) at Christmas. He LOVED IT! Would DEFINITELY order from you all again!!

May 17th at 1AM

eloymontemayor - Thank you for your easy & fast service! I LOVE the quality of your bow-ties!!

May 16th at 6AM

leeandlee31 @ twentydollartie placed my orders and I must say that these are the best quality ties, cuff links and pocket squares for the price! My husband was pleased and so was I.. Thank you so much I will be ordering again!

May 16th at 5:44AM

Hank Levash I wore my tie and hankie to walk my daughter down the isle, I got my compliments on how I looked, great products, crazy value

May 16th at 3:51AM

Karl Walden Wow! amazing how prestigious you look and feel with one of these works of art around you neck. standing out but complimenting your suit , dress shirt and or dress slacks. 
I give them a 10plus 1 for extra credit for first class shipping.

May 16th at 12:02AM

Adam J. Nicholas I just had 4 ties delivered today! Great quality. I will order again

May 15th at 11PM

Adam J. Nicholas I just had 4 ties delivered today! Great quality. I will order again

May 15th at 6:43AM

Joe Gaston Got mine ( 2 ) looks nice. Will be getting more.

May 14th at 12:32PM

Thomas Garrett Today i received my tie( ordered it Friday) and it was all i had expected, i will be ordering many more and white shirts. GREAT DEALS!

May 14th at 11:30AM

Carmine Miranda Just received my two tie sets and they are awesome!

May 14th at 11:20AM

leeandlee31@twentydollartie placed my orders and I must say that these are the best quality ties, cuff links and pocket squares for the price! My husband was pleased and so was I.. Thank you so much I will be ordering again!

May 13th at 1:11PM

Bill Chicano For the price and selection you can't go wrong. I have ordered at least 4 different color combo's . All nice looking ties!

May 12th at 12PM

Patrick Corcoran A friend bought me a tie and square to wear for my sons wedding that went with the color scheme. Very beautiful, great quality and color. Many complements! I spread the word.

May 11th at 5:09AM

Lamonte P Barnes I have to say I was a bit sceptical about purchasing a tie set from this site but for anyone who's looking for something GREAT I highly recommend you purchase from here. The quality is great, it came in less than a week, and I'm a very very satisfied customer. Thanks

May 6th at 11:13AM

Scott E. Starr I just received my first order in the mail today. The quality is top-notch and the price is more than fair. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and I will be buying some more ties.

May 5th at 8:36AM

John Edward Davis These combos are too sweet, wifey’s been hooking me up ever since we’ve seen these!😃👍

May 4th at 7:01AM

Polish Ironmen I bought 5 tie combo sets with my first order. I have received many compliments from the younger folks in the office. The reactions when they hear the price are amazing. Looking to place another order soon! Love the bow ties too!

May 3rd at 12PM

Craig Paige I bought about 15 ties sets from them...100% satisfied.

May 2nd at 6:25AM

Corey Scott Blais I received this recently, and as nice as it looks online, it’s even more impressive in person.

May 1st at 5:51AM

Jeff Beard Just ordered this past week. 4 days later it was in my hands (Friday) and it is top notch! Great bowtie! This was a trial run. Now time to update my tie collection. You guys are fantastic!

April 30th at 6:40PM

Marian Tate-Odom I received an order and I am totally satisfied!!

April 30th at 2:28PM

Kish Jenkins Yes my order just came thank you very much my son will love it for his graduation

April 29th at 11:16AM

Eric Hart My order from TwentyDollarTies just arrived in time for The Kentucky Derby. I may never purchase ties from Men’s Wearhouse and JosABank again. Thanks Tony McNeill for liking this page. Got my #NCAT swag ready for football season and work attire.

April 28th at 10:49PM

Kenneth Freeman Sr. Just purchased set well worth the money. Quality!

April 27th at 6AM

James Price I have 8 ties from them so far. Always a good experience! I even have the blue dot one.

April 27th at 5:12AM

Charlene Sarratt I order for my brother birthday he loves them. Will be buying more.

April 26th at 6:19AM

Curtis Smith Okay I said I would give a response once my ties arrived because how skeptical I was. I LOVE these ties!!! They are rich in color and very well made. They arrived within a couple of days, so I know if I have something special coming up, I can get a delivery pretty quickly. 
Twentydollartie.com, I'm a believer.

April 25th at 9:19PM

Sandra McDaniel I purchased this tie for my son and it looks absolutely amazing. I purchased it on a Friday and it arrived on Monday. I was very satisfied with my purchase and delivery.

April 25th at 7AM

Sylvia Bishop I love these collections. Bought several as gifts for my husband!

April 25th at 6:32AM

Thomas Benson Great ties! Great Options! Great service!

April 24th at 9:07PM

Michael McCrimmon Great selection of self tie bow ties. I’ve bought and continue to buy your bow ties and continually getting compliments on the bow ties.

April 24th at 12:07PM

Rodney Johnson Love this place! This is the one of the best customer service companies out there.

April 24th at 6:45AM

Charles Pride These ties are beautiful. I bought my first set and it was an instant hit. I going to buy more...just as soon as I have time to review all the options

April 24th at 6:36AM

Rosalind Vines Moats Twentydollartie.com ordered last week and received them today. They are all stunning and very high quality. I appreciated the nice packaging per item and they not only look great they feel great. My fiancé was grinning from ear to ear. Ties kerchiefs and bow ties are his thing. Ordered 6 sets and will be ordering more!

April 23rd At 10:24PM

Tanya Francois I love your company i have ordered several of your ties for my husband and he's love all of them. Cant wait to see the new line. Keep up the great work.

April 23rd at 7:01AM

Wayne Hammonds I love Twentydollartie. I dress every Sunday with them for Church.

April 22nd at 9:32AM

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers I ordered my first set of eight ties. To be honest, I thought *Twenty Dollar Tie* might be too good to be true. I was wrong. The quality of the ties are excellent and I wore three of them this week. Excellent selection and quick delivery is a huge plus. I am now a long-term *Twenty Dollar Tie* customer.

April 21st at 10AM

Rodney Johnson Love the ties!!! I’ve just placed a order for my 3rd. One. I’m very pleased with the selections, quality and quantity!!!! Awesome business!!

April 21st at 9:15AM

Danny Fleming i just Bought some ties from you. very nice indeed!

April 20th at 7:02AM

Paul Kitzinger I've bought a few of their ties and am more than happy with the quality, price, and delivery. Good product!

April 19th at 6AM

Wanda Bonner I order 2 for my husband and he loved them I 3 more that I’m getting ready to order!

April 19th at 5:12AM

Craig Hammer I ordered my ties on Friday and received them on Monday! I love them! Also thanks for updating the website!

April 18th at 8:24PM

Dave Spurlock Mine arrived today. Very nice! I will be getting more.

April 18th at 9:43AM

Hank Bornstein Last week I purchased two tie sets and I received my order in 3 days. The ties, pocket squares and cufflinks all seem very well made. The lady I ordered the ties from, Sarah, was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. And I got several compliments when I wore the set at a large banquet. I look forward to buying more ties from them.

April 17th at 7:20AM

Jim Barker Just received my first three of many yet to come fantastic ties. Love them

April 16th at 6:58PM

Nikea Artis I simply love the selection. They just arrived today, can't wait to give them to him.

April 16th at 1:19PM

Randy Taylor I have gotten many compliments on their ties

April 16th at 9:12AM

Minster Marvin Dwayne Porter I Bought my first tie from Twentydollartie.com , I have had three people who ❤️ my tie

April 15th at 4:13PM

Kyle X Blake Just got mine. Best looking ties ever

April 14th at 7AM

David F Candelaria I love "Twenty Dollar Ties", I'm a "clothes horse" and I've purchased a lot of ties over the years, I have some Louie V's, Talbert, et.al.,but I can't believe these ties, I've made several purchases and like someone else said, he an Attorney and so am I, so I'm wearing a $1500 suit, alligator shoes and a Twenty Dollar Ties, tie when I go to Court it fits right in, I love Twenty Dollar Ties, they are so unique and everyone thinks,not that I care, that they are so much More expensive.

April 13th at 8:21PM

James Ginyard Outstanding site, I’ve order several necktie set and was very satisfied. Highly recommended.

April 13th at 1:34AM

Heath Bowman Ordered from these guys the other day will never buy a tie anywhere else!

April 12th at 7:32AM

Anthony Davis I have bought several Twenty Dollar Ties, love all of them.

April 11th at 9AM

Michael Sukowski I love my #Twentydollartie collection and always receive compliments when I wear any of them.

April 7th at 7:50AM

Joseph Bouknight-Jones Sr. I bought the black and gold set for my family, for our matriarchs funeral. 
Very sharp!!!!
Nice shipping, nice packaging.
I’m impressed. 
Thank you!

April 6th at 1PM

Zakir Qureshi I was impressed when I got the ties delivered.very good quality.

April 6th at 10:47AM

Hugh Roberts Jr I just got my order Today! real fast delivery! The ties are very nice. This is my third order from TwentyDollarTie.Com!

April 5th at 6:25AM

Chad Gilbertson Ordered my first two sets and wore them to church where I'm the pastor. Received so many compliments! I'll be back!!

April 4th at 2:12PM

Renee Taft I've purchased a few as Christmas gifts and they loved them!

April 4th at 1:50PM

Delbert Baker Bought 9 sets, they were awesome!
You can't beat the price or quality.

April 3rd at 9:05AM

Crystal Echols I recently purchased 5 bow tie sets for my husbands birthday. He loved them and so did I. I had been waiting for the perfect time to buy them. I must say that they are all beautiful and very well made. Can't wait for you to do matching socks and perhaps scarves for me. I highly recommend these ties. Thank you

April 1st at 10:24AM

Jon Anderson I recently purchased several and they are very nice quality.

March 31st at 2PM

Michael Kirkland I've purchased two sets,from you guys,need a nice Teal blue set. You guys are the 💣💣💣

March 30th at 4:23AM

Rob Lane I'll be buying some more soon! I bought two of them last year, they are holding up nicely in quality, - Someone at work said "you wore that tie three days in a row." - I said, "go look up twentydollartie.com" My blue plaid tie has three wolf and a moon status now! But, seriously- I love that All the wear I put on these two I bought; and they are still like new. great quality stuff!

March 29th at 3:31PM

Ginny Oliver I ordered 2 sets for my Nephew, gotta admit, they were fantastic...also his face when he saw the cuff links, pocket scarf and tie...priceless

March 28th at 8:46AM

Gary Alexander I got 4 sets the other day very nice.

March 27th at 4:45PM

Vanessa Carter I have ordered ties and bowties from this website on a few occasions they are beautiful colorful and they ware quite well I gave them to my son for Christmas and his birthday he loves them I will be ordering more ❤️❤️❤️❤️

March 27th at 1PM

Carrie Boswell Taylor Got a set and it is real nice will order again.

March 27th at 6AM

Ellis King I've recently ordered a couple and will won't buy ties anywhere else. Just ordered 3 more sets.

March 26th at 7:07AM

Kenny Steele Bought 4 of them. Going to buy more. They are the best looking ties you will ever see. Ordered them in Friday. Received them the following tues!

March 26th at 6AM


March 26th at 2:05AM

Allie Davis I love your ties and bows. My husband buy them quite frequently.

March 25th at 3PM

LaKesa Bogus Husband loved his. Will be ordering MORE!

March 25th at 12PM

Elvis Pearl Such Gorgeous Ties and pocket squares at reasonable prices. Gotta love it

March 25th at 7:01AM

Robert Trevino I literally just received mine! Extremely happy with the product,
I am currently shopping for additional pieces.

March 24th at 12PM

lmsdjjjI LOVE shopping for my men in the family. These sets are absolutely CLASSY and NICE!!!!!

March 24th at 7:11AM

Isha Odom I ordered my husband two sets and they are very nice.

March 23rd at 6:40AM

John Husted Just received my Quiet Storm Remix Tie & Square. It looks and feels great. It also ties well and really holds the knot. Sure won't be my last order.

March 23rd at 4:44AM

Allen Quinn Made that 1st order. 6 sets. Can't wait to suit up me and my sons.

March 23rd at 1:25AM

Gary Harbison Wore my black &gold paisley tie set to church with my black suit and got alot of compliments on the set.

March 22rd at 2:12PM

Robert Trevino I literally just received mine! Extremely happy with the product,
I am currently shopping for additional pieces.

March 22nd at 1:11PM

John Albertson Just bought my first two sets, which arrived today! Excellent! Can’t wait to wear one on Easter Sunday😊

March 22nd at 2:38AM

Jay McBee These guys are on point! Ordered Saturday got it Tuesday and the ties are nice.

March 21st at 8:48PM


March 21st at 7:12AM

Louis Enriquez Sr. I just ordered my second one
I like their customer service they were very prompt and answered all my questions!

March 21st at 6:22AM

Ken Gates One of my favorite discoveries of the past year! Quality is superb.

March 21st at 1AM

Stacy Raymond I ordered some they're great.

March 20th at 2:21PM

Anthony Walker Just received my first order,I'm very satisfied,will order here from now on!

March 20th at 12PM

LaMar Young Ordered 2 bow tie sets on Friday and they arrived yesterday... Great quality and they both have cuff links...!

March 20th at 5:28AM

La Vonnia De Loach I have placed 2 orders and my husband loves the ties!!!!
It’s has only taken 3 days from ordering to receiving the ties
Thank you so much

March 19th at 2:53PM

Todd Hammond Great products, at a great price. Have to admit I was hesitant and a bit concerned when I placed my first order.....for only $20...... for a beautiful silk tie PLUS/or matching pocket square and cuff links, I was almost expecting shoddy materials and workmanship. Not the case at all. For anyone who wears ties, this is the only place you need to look from now on!

March 19th at 6AM

Terry Todd Just received my Order -- GREAT BUY-- Love it, will be ordering again. Thank you ...

March 19th at 5:45AM

Richard Seven Ex Beautiful ties, great quality and fast shipping! I order every chance I get.

March 18th at 9:23AM

Stephanie N. Robinson I ordered 6 sets for my husband and they are top notch!!!

March 17th at 10:0AM

Michael Sukowski I receive so many compliments every time I wear your products.

March 16th at 6AM

Gary Adams Thses Ties Are Awesome.. Highly Recommend!!!!! Thanks Twentydollartie.com

March 15th at 5:40PM

Dexter Porter Just got my latest order in. Thanks Twentydollartie.com

March 15th at 6:47AM

La Vonnia De Loach I ordered ties for my husband on Sunday and they were delivered today. They are. Exquisite

March 14th at 7PM

Warren Cyler Morton Tee Yes the ties are awesome! I think I got like maybe three or four sets from them. they're reasonably price and good quality!

March 14th at 6:21AM

Toni Anderson Kirk I ordered 3 ties for my husband and he loved them, he received so many compliments at church. I will be placing more orders soon.

March 13th at 7:32PM

David Brown I have purchased several of your ties awesome product totally satisfied.

March 11th at 7:18PM

John Ellis I have 4 sets and love them.

March 10th at 6:01AM

Denise S. Brown They are even prettier in person I order them for my husband all the time and will recommend them and it doesn't take long to get them

March 10th at 12:12AM

Keenan Tinnin-Lancaster I’ve ordered twice now and I’m extremely impressed with the quality! I will definitely order again

March 9th at 4:39PM

Benita Bogan I ordered twice and was very pleased both times..great site

March 9th at 4:22AM

James Robinson Just purchase 4 more bow ties and 3 regular ties! awesome ties, great combination of colors. I get Compliments just about every time I wear one.

March 9th at 1AM

Stephen Bridgett Got my first one today, I am very pleased

March 8th at 3:37PM

Earl Deadwyler Can't go wrong with these ties I ordered some they are great

March 7th at 3:11PM

Monique Kelley Very nice.. Received my order in a timely manner and they were fabulous.. Thank you

March 6th at 8AM

Frank J Gotlibowski Just received my order of the four 3 piece sets I ordered they are AWESOME. Their site is dangerous because I could easily order several more ties need restraint. Can't wait to wear them 👍👍👍👍

March 6th at 7AM

Antonio Coleman I just recieved two packages of ties, cuff links and pocket squares within 3 days of order. They are very nice!

March 6th at 6:10AM

Warner Mathias I also have become a customer. I purchased 4 tie sets to start. After seeing how nice they are I have ordered 6 more. I love having the complete sets since part of my wardrobe are french cuff shirts.

March 5th at 3:43ON

Van Roy Morgan I have ordered several times and been well pleased with everyone. Shipping time is also great

March 4th at 10AM

Sammie Garrett I've ordered 3 so far an very Pleased..an will be ordering more..3suits down an 3 to go...

March 3rd at 6:50PM

Danny Baum Just recieved 4 new ties last Monday, very nice. Great deal too!!

March 2nd at 3:59PM

Brenda Taylor-Jackson My husband and I are very pleased. Referred my doctor to them.

March 1st at 7:24AM

Orlando Cox Just received my first order of five new ties and I love them. You have found a new customer. Great Quality!

February 28th at 11PM

BM Talley I purchased a couple of sets..they are very nice I will be shopping again.

February 27th at 5:21AM

Cynthia Washington Williams Very timely order 10 days or so I ordered while in Portugal and blessed a lot of the special men in our family!!!

February 27th at 4:48AM

David Davis I Ordered for christmas. They are legit. Bought 2 sets as presents. Im satisfied. Will buy more in the future

February 26th at 2:12AM

Billy Alford I really like this place keep me sharp At Mt. Zion First Baptist Church.

February 26th at 1PM

renda White-Latson This is a great site, my husband order from them and one time we needed a rush order for a funeral and they accommodate us.

February 26th at 12:12AM

Bryan K. Garrett I buy all the time nice 👍🏿

February 25th at 9:36PM

Tyrone Davis They are made really great I buy them all the time l like them because they also comes in XL what cuffs and pocket square.

February 25th at 5:12AM

Jackie Jones I brought several pieces for my husband and both he and I were very pleased

February 24th at 6:46AM

Charles Riley I ordered four sets a few weeks ago and they came fast and we're great quality! This new youth pastor is now looking stylish!

February 21st at 9:21PM

Don Tyson Bought several ties and absolutely love each one of them

February 20th at 5:40PM

Anthony Zapata why would anyone buy high quality ties anywhere else? I just received 4 sets!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hard to choose which 1 to wear!!!!!!! Thank you Twenty Dollar Tie!

February 19th at 8:18PM

R.j. Harvey Have purchased 7 sets and going for more. Great product and great company !!

February 18th at 2:17AM

Andrew T. Kegley I got my 17 ties in this week... I will be a customer for life... great quality and awesome ties...

February 17th at 12:16PM

Pamela Dehart I bought four, they are very nice. I love the pocket squares and cufflinks that match.

February 16th at 5AM

Cheryl Williams Purchased two sets for my son-in-law, he loved them...upon receipt I loved the colors and the quality...will be ordering again soon!

February 16th at 4:42AM

Jerry C. Elder I bought one two weeks ago. Love it, it will not be my last one.

February 15th at 12:29PM

Iria Taylor My Husband only orders his ties from here, and I love them. Sexy Sexy women revive your love life😉. The quality is great. We often gift them to friends.

February 15th at 5:55AM

Sammie Garrett Thanks Twentydollartie.com received my order today... Very Pleased!!

February 14th at 6:21PM

Brian Brown Great neckties! absolutely love them! Thinking about trying those bow ties.

February 13th at 11:13AM

James Nelson satisfied just got two delivered! tie and pocket Square. next order will be the three piece.

February 12th at 7:45PM

Sharon Whittaker Brought my husband 2 sets he love them

February 11th at 7AM

Ross Parton I submitted my first order this week for this specific tie set. The tie set arrived on time and was unbelievable! I rarely provide customer testimonials/reviews/ratings, but feel compelled to comment regarding your world-class marketing, products, and OUTSTANDING customer service.

February 10th at 11PM

Cappra Wells Ordered my husband some of these and we Love them. Good quality and excellent price.

February 10th at 10:11PM

Sabrina Davison Bought some sets for my hubby for Christmas. They are nice!

February 9th at 2:15PM

Bob Bradbury I now have at least six, and I will be buying more.

February 8th at 7:20PM

Mark Hughes I received my ties today and they are sweet I like them going after another order

February 7th at 3:02PM

Raquel Soto I ordered this beautiful black and silver set for a fundraiser we were doing here in honor of Black History Month. Frankly I thought: how good can it be? Oh wow! The tie was even better in person than on the site. I will be buying from here in the future. Fast shipping to! What a great deal.

February 5th at 11:32AM

Gabriel R. Lockett I have been happy with every purchase from Twentydollartie.com!! I am always looking to update and consolidate my wardrobe. Their selection in ties and accessories allows me so much flexibility, that I literally look like I have a endless closet of suits and gear. A color wheel of patterns and designs gives me nearly unlimited options.

February 5th at 6:56AM

Pam Lowe My husband bought a set for our grandsons wedding, the quality was great and they kept us updated where the merchandise was at all times.

Febraury 4th at 9PM

Ted Ted Ted Really awesome ties. The aqua sunset gets 3-5 compliments each time I wear it from strangers. Not an exaggeration.

February 4th at 6:18AM

Brett Borchard Just got 2 delivered. They are gorgeous and the pocket square and cufflinks are a perfect match. I certainly will be ordering more.

February 4th at 4:08AM

Zollie Ford I also order six different styles good look and good quality. tie, pocket square matching cuff links. you cant beat it.

Febraury 3rd at 8:14AM

Eileen Shepard They came yesterday and are beautiful...Bought them for Valentine's but im afraid there maybe several more coming in the mail in the near future. Lol

February 3rd at 7:50AM

Thomas Ramseur Awesome Ties! Good quality. Ordered 7.

February rd at 6:57AM

Cleon Joyner I just received my 6, 3 piece sets. And I love each one of them. I will be ordering some more soon.

February 3rd at 1AM

Erskine W. Lytle Just received a tie from them. Beautiful, high quality and sent quickly

February 2nd at 6:36AM

Charles Parks Bought a couple and they were as advertised!! In addition they were shipped immediately!!!

February 1st at 6:24AM

Gene Valdez Received my order today, love it! Will be ordering more!

January 31st at 7AM

Herman Colter IV I have several of there ties and I must say I love this company very reasonable as well!!!

January 30th at 11:08AM

Christopher Davis Received my first order. I'm always apprehensive when I order from a new online source. My four ties and squares are excellent. Your customer service on the phone is very helpful with our address correction. Very satisfied. The "Glowing Polka dot" is my favorite. 

Will recommend.

January 29th at 11:50AM

Susanne Attard Condello We just got our order and very impressed. I am in love with the guitar cufflinks. My little rockstar will love them! Wish we ordered more! There is nothing better than a sharp dressed man!

January 29th at 5AM

Bob Bradbury These tie sets really are a great deal. I just ordered again......

January 29th at 1:11AM

Tom Dillard I was going to buy 1 to see how they are. Couldn’t decide on just 1 so I bought 3 and love the quality and look of the ties. I haven’t worn them yet but everyone I’ve shown them to has loved them as well!! I’ll definitely be back…just need to make decisions haha

January 28th at 12:25PM

Damian Stockdale You guys are 2 for 2 with my orders I plan on continuing to shop with with you guys!!

January 27th at 7:18AM

Peggy Little I just ordered two 3pc tie sets for my husband. I really like them as so does he. I will be ordering more.

January 25th at 8:02AM

Angie J Tisdale I purchased some of these for my son for Christmas, he was very pleased...

January 24th at 6:40AM

Arms Atlanta Purchased, received & satisfied! 

January 21st at 9:31PM
Jean Jackson- Carter Hubby received his ties we ordered - 5 sets. They are beautiful!!

January 20th at 5:17AM

Aaron Taylor Jr. Love my ties! Thanks twentydollartie!

January 19th at 6:34PM

Adrienne Bianco Annunziata Have gotten several... beautiful sets! Pricing is unbelievable.

January 19th at 5:59AM

Deana Leach Just purchased the Merlot Diamond set! Shipped & received quicker than I thought. Material is very nice quality. I'm sure my man will love this set! I'll be ordering again.

January 18th at 11PM

Velda Fleming Bought some for my husband. Had an error with the order. Great customer service, fast and friendly. Companies should pay attention, this is what builds a loyal customer base. I wish they would introduce some Kente patterns.🖒

January 18th at 6:41AM

Erica Brown I ordered my husband and son bowtie from this site for our wedding and yes very good quality...

January 18th at 2:30AM

Steven E Eldridge Buy using this company, I have the most beautiful tie collection of anyone.

January 17th at 1:44PM

u Got my tie today, well worth the money

January 17th at 7:27AM

Trevor Ram Absolutely gorgeous ties. Great quality indeed. I'll definitely be ordering more soon!

January 16th at 10:27AM

Melvin Sanders Received my tie set last week. Very pleased and I will be ordering more

January 16th at 6:45AM

Malachi Fullwood I received my 4 ties on Saturday and wow 😳 they are an eye stopper got so many compliments I'd buy some more, you don't see them everyday

January 14th at 8:22AM

Pamela Wakefield Awesome ties! The recipients of the ‘tie’ gifts really loved and appreciated them.

January 14th at 7:49AM

Clara T. Printers My son loves his Tie set, definitely buying some more.

January 13th at 1:12PM

Adrienne Bianco Annunziata This is a great product. I bought one to see if it was as advertised and this morning bought 13 more. Literally, 13.

January 13th at 12:02PM

Wanda Joseph So happy with my recent purchase of four bow tie sets.

January 12th at 7:50PM

Debra Blanck Rotolante I ordered a tie for my husband to wear at our son’s wedding. It shipped the next day! Great quality and low price. I will be telling all my friends and family.

January 12th at 6:49PM

Ladine Bennette I have actually ordered from this site for my husband. The sets are great.

January 12th at 6:37AM

Ted Ted Ted Easily the best ties I've purchased. And for the price as a set, it can't be beat. Highly recommended.

January 12th at 4:34AM

Zachary Harris I received my ties yesterday and I love them!!

January 11th at 8:29PM

Larry H Peyton Amazing ties and accessories... liked my first sets so much I ordered more! You won’t go wrong with twentydollartie.com. The hard part is choosing which ties to buy (the selection is amazing)... and you’re going to be getting top quality in your selection...

January 11th at 8:20PM

Brett Clark Great ties and super fast shipping! Love my 2 ties...

January 9th at 9:16AM

Carolyn Briggs Just received my package of ties. They are beautiful!!!!! He loved them! Definitely purchasing more!!!

January 8th at 10:05AM

Gary Martin Ordered 2 ties for Christmas. Will definitely order more. Might even try a bowtie.

January 6th at 7:30PM

Carol Law Good evening, I received my order some tine this week (hadn't checked my mail for a few days) and I must say that I am very pleased. I ordered 3 sets that were purple, a purple combination and a gold (my son is an OMEGA) so it was a late Chris gift for someone who has everything. I called him over and HE LOVES THEM. He said that although he already have a purple tie, it isn't the quality of the one I purchased for him. You have a satisfied customer who will definitely order again. 👍👍

January 5th at 6:41PM

Marie Somoza My hubby told me today how much he loves these that I bought him for Christmas. Score!!!

January 4th at 4:46AM

Cynthia Boschke Cardinale I bought my husband a bunch of these for our anniversary. The only problem is I want him to have them all! I love them!

January 3rd at 9:15PM

Bill Riley Love the Bow Ties! Really good feel and a pleasure to tie and wear!

January 3rd 2018 9:21AM

Jon Godwin I just placed my second order for twenty dollar ties and they came yesterday. Tremendously classy and I love them!

December 31st at 6:16AM

Aaron Taylor Jr. Just got mine yesterday and Super Excited! Love them and will be ordering more in the near future! Beautiful sets!❤️❤️❤️

December 30th at 2:17AM

April Sanderlin Gave this company a try for a Christmas gift. Very nice, arrived quickly with no problems. Will order again and recommend!

December 30th at 7:21AM

C James J Chandler A very great site. What you see is what you get. Some sets are reduced in price too. Ships in days. Great color and print schemes to choose from.

December 30th at 6:55AM

Val Rawls Just received my order in 2days! love them! i picked some awesome designs.

December 29th at 11:46PM

Geneva M. White Beautiful and nice price for a very fantastic and handsome look!

December 29th at 10:51AM

Tim BigTim Thompson Definitely worth the money. I love my ties!!

December 28th at 9:59PM

Eugene Hunter I've bought 24 ties in the past 60 days. Absolutely LOVE them. Color schemes are exceptional. Quality is superior.

December 28th at 7:01PM

Denise Parr Scallan The 6 ties I ordered last week arrived today. I LOVE them!

December 28th at 7:18AM

Velma A Coleman I have ordered twice and I am very pleased and so was my nephew! 😀

December 27th at 7AM

Judie Pacyga Previti I just received my order and I am so happy with the quality and brightness of colors !! Certainly worth the money !!! My husband loves it!!

December 27th at 1:41AM

Patricia Gambril They are sharp....I purchased a few sets for Christmas gifts....My son and nephew loved them!!!

December 27th at 12:26AM

Pamela L. Johnson I ordered one Bow Tie set and a Tie set for my Brother who is an entertainer. He was very pleased. I saw them as well and they were just like the photo. Thank you for making an affordable, quality product. The fabric was Beautiful 😊

December 26th at 9:28PM

Patricia E. Conway-Jones I just ordered 12 sets for my Husband. They have a very wide and wonderful collection.

December 26th at 8:42AM

Garland Jones Love them, I've ordered about 25 and haven't been disappointed

December 24th at 9:16AM

Joy Harpole-Riley The sets are in high-quality I bought some last year for my nephew and they were very very nice

December 23rd at 8:49AM

Bryan Nesom I made a purchase last week. Received it a few days later. Condition was perfect. I will be buying more.

December 22nd at 10:33AM

Even Angels CanFly I have ordered several items from them and I'm very pleased. The quality is great. Shipping is usually within 3 to 4 days. I promise you won't be disappointed.

December 21st at 7:34PM

Lovely Leenie Very good site. Nice quality tie sets and the delivery is fast too

December 21st at 9:40AM

Yolanda Murphy Harris Love them, great quality, very fast delivery

December 20th at 3:40PM

U Received the two ties that I had ordered and they are fantastic. The colors are amazing will definitely order more Later!

December 19th at 9:35AM

Marinette Boyd I just received 2 tie sets that I ordered for my husband. I really like the vibrant colors. I will order again. Thanks

December 19th at 7AM

Antoinette Miller These are beautiful tie sets, and they make get xmas gifts that are affordable!

December 18th at 6:30PM

Vernon Reid  i have bought several of these tie sets and get compliments when i wear them! even from the preacher. But not telling where i got them. Real silk and feels great. But only for the dapper fellows.

December 18th at 11:39AM

Marie Somoza Order received very quickly. Love the ties. Hubby will be very happy. I took a chance and ordered five. They are all beautiful. Will definitely order again.

December 15th at 6:12AM

Leamon Stoudemire I bought my first five and I am well pleased! i will be ordering a lot more of them. The colors oMG!

December 14th at 7:20PM

Marnita Hayes I order 3 ties and they come yesterday they are very nice!! I know my guy is going to love them!!

December 14th at 3:45AM

Jeanne Krown Schleich Ordered 4 sets for the men in my life. They are all wonderful and I will be happy to give them as gifts for Christmas.

December 13th at 5:26PM

Marnita Hayes I order 3 ties and they come yesterday they are very nice!! I know my guy is going to love them!!

December 12th at 11PM

Victoria Lafayette I got my order in the mail today, and it got here, FL in 3 days. It is so nice, I love it. Got it for a family member for Christmas....thank you!

December 11th at 8:40PM

Jason Beckham Got mine today. Pleased with the appearance and quality. I'll be back for more.

December 11th at 7:31PM

Wayne Hammonds These Ties are Great. Great service! In 3 days I receive my order Everytime.

December 10th at 5:27PM

Jules Green 😱I wore this of many new 3 peace sets today to my
Church & received so many compliments‼️ I’m a very satisfied Client🎄👍🏽

December 10th at 2:36PM

Tim Saemenes I wore one of the ties I bought to church this morning and got quite a lot of compliments on it and the matching pocket square.

December 10th at 1:36PM

Mazellia Moore Got my order Saturday! very satisfied love them.

December 10th at 1 AM

Theodora Harper I have ordered a couple of set for my husband he loves them, they are great quality.,

December 9th at 7:20PM

Marnita Hayes I already bought 3 for my guy 😊Thank you! I love these ties/ bow ties! I know he will also

December 8th at 2:03PM

Tanela Moffatt Good place to order from. I ordered my son a set on a Saturday and received it on that following Wednesday. Good deals and it's worth it.

December 8th at 6:30AM

Ray Naylor Received my order for 4 tie sets yesterday and I'm delighted. Ties are beautiful, great quality and shipping was exactly as advertised. You just made yourself a permanent customer! Well done Twentydollartie...

December 6th at 2:54PM

Charles E. Lee I already have EIGHTEEN and about to get ten more this week.

December 6th at 2:19PM

Al Stewart I love their ties, I’ve bought at least 5 from here. I probably won’t buy another tie in a store ever.

December 6th at 2:04 PM

Kathy Mitchell Pittman Their service is great. I ordered a few on Monday and just got them.today. I just showed them to my son, now I have to order more.

December 6th at 9:12AM

Eugene Hunter I just started buying 4-5 every 2 weeks. This is one of my latest. They are simply gorgeous! Beautiful color combination, well crafted, excellent price point. I'm a fan for Life.

December 5th at 11:14AM

Kathryn Elaine Brown-Owens I ordered ties for gifts because the tie are just beautiful. I received my order yesterday and they are gorgeous! Unbelievable how lovely they are. The colors, the prints absolutely beautiful! Bow tie as well!

December 4th at 7:36PM

Velma A Coleman I placed an order on 12/1 and I received my order today 12/4. That was quick and they are beautiful!
In my Arnold S. voice, “I’ll be back”!

December 2nd at 1:45AM

Gene Mikijanic These ties are SUPERB. I’m an existing customer and would HIGHLY recommend you investigate adding these items to your wardrobe. Seriously. Enjoy.

December 1st at 4PM

Richard Murrow I've bought 6-8 of your ties in recent months! They're fantastic! Quality and appearance!

December 1st at 2:38PM

Ronnie Alexander Been ordering from this site for about a year. Just placed an order for 5 today, easy to order excellent shipping time. First time customers you will be pleased and will return for more of these awesome ties.

November 29th at 3:21PM

Ray Brown Just came yesterday. Extremely satisfied! I'm a permanent client.

November 28th at 6:57AM

Samuel Brown Great ties & pocket squares. Fast delivery. I will be ordering more soon.

November 28th at 6:40AM


November 24th at 10:29PM

Eugene Hunter I bought 4 ties to try them out and they are of outstanding quality. I will be buying 5 ties twice a month for the next 6 months to replace all my old ties. Superb color combinations. Thank you for offering at such a great price point.

November 23rd at 7:06PM

Lawrence Hill I bought these two a couple of months ago. I get compliments each time I wear them.

November 22nd at 7:57PM

Troy Lann I love them.I ordered 2 of the ties and I will be ordering some bow ties before Xmas.so if you are on my list you will be Sharp next year I bet .

November 21st at 6:50PM

Vera Baker I ordered from here and the ties were very pretty. Looked just like the pic.

November 20th at 10:31AM

Aldana Allen I have ordered long ties before, and I am considering some bow ties. I have enjoyed the products thus far. Good price and great quality.

November 18th at 4:49PM

Donna Sellitti Carrera Beautiful quality and fast delivery..Got mine today for my special guy..

November 15th at 7:39Pm
Jim Wenhart I bought 3 of these ties. They were at my door 4 days later. Great quality...many compliments. The links are a nice touch. Where else can you get a great tie, links, and a square for 20 bucks? I will be back.

November 15th at 3:50PM

Dave Brister Love to shop there- Just got 10 ties for a great price. Worth the 💲💲💲- Makes great Christmas gifts.

November 15th at 9:02AM

Todd Gordon I'm a big fan, own about 25 ties....time to order more! Living in Phoenix I get my ties about two days after ordering, an extra bonus !!

November 14th at 6:37AM

Gail Myrie I purchased several of the ties for my husband. They are an excellent quality and beautiful.

November 13th at 5:33PM

Chris Shepherd Ordered a tie combo last week, wow fast shipping and very good quality. I will be ordering again, now I know it's a good site with good quality

November 13 at 2:41PM

Carol Posey Just received my order. Bought two for my bro. Beautiful.

November 12 at 4:44PM

Chuck Lax Recently tried it. Great service, wonderful product. And all the choices make it hard to pick. All of them are beautiful.

November 12th at 8:19AM

Benjamin Mason Have a couple ties from them,Great Value!!!

November 10th at 5:01AM

Vera Harrigan-Mcbayne Received my husband's tie sets yesterday and he loved them and so did I! yes I picked them out.

November 7th at 7:40PM

Kevin Alexander I have gotten so many compliments on these ties.

November 7th at 6:17AM 

David Jackson I have bought several ties and always get complimented at Church on each one. Just recently bought 2 for a couple of young Preacher boys at church who like my ties. Thank you

November 4th at 2:28PM

Mark Hughes I received my ties today and they are beautiful. now need a catalog to order more

November 3rd at 10:41PM

Marcus Coty Already have 5 of your ties! Many different looks many different compliments!

November 3rd at 10:06AM

Calex Thomas I've recently purchased some tie sets and both I and my family have nothing but positive comments about the ties. I will undeniably be making future purchases.

November 2nd at 7:20PM

Tyrone Glover I’m a very satisfied customer, after purchasing several sets! The bow tie was a challenge however, but I mastered it now!

November 2nd at 8:56AM

Vickie Brinston I recently ordered one of your sets for my Guy, we were very pleased, they Look just as Beautiful in person as on the page, I will continue to surprise him with sets

October 31st at 10:33PM

Alvin Neckbone Johnson I have 2 so far & they are of great quality & look & feel fantastic

October 31st at 7:20AM

Sol Found I ordered Wednesday and received my ties Monday, very nice gift for my fiancee

October 30th at 7:43PM

Gloria Faye TwoShay Adler I've gotten about 8 ties from here for my Pastor. They are mail the same day you order.
Their ties are beautiful

October 30th at 4:02PM

Mario Gordon I don't have that one (yet anyway), but I have ordered 10 or 12 ties from here & they are all nice. I will order more soon. If you haven't tried them go for it. You won't be disappointed.

October 29th at 10:31PM

Bishop Eddie Wright Best ties in the world. Color and fabric are coupled together to create the ultimate tie. I have 4 an 2 more on the way. Took only a couple days to get them, no tax or shipping...!

October 27th at 6:27AM

Weather Yard Beautiful.my man only wear twenty dollars tie

October 27th at 12:09AM

Joel Carter I bought five of your ties. They’re great!

October 26th at 6:30AM

Dwayne Sims You all truly rock!!! I've gotten so many compliments on every tie I've bought from y'all. I'd like to think it's my stunningly rugged good looks but I digress it's the ties and hankys.😎

October 25th at 10:12PM

Charles Thomas Just received 2 sets this week!! NICE!!!

October 22nd at 3:15PM

Barbra Johnson My fiancee and I loved the first set I recently purchased for him. We will be shopping again.

October 22nd at 12:28PM

John Brandt Definitely a hit !! My wedding Tie & Handkerchief got many compliments.

October 19th at 6:44PM

Reuben Kenneth I must say I was very skeptical, I ordered 2 ties great quality products 💪🏾

October 16th at 4:54PM

Jeff A Johnson I have purchase several tie sets and have not been disappointed yet.

October 15th at 4:08PM

Peter Butler I just received my order! WOW! I ordered a package including my tie, pocket square, and cuff links. Pleasantly surprised that they were even nicer than I imagined! Thank you so much! You'll be hearing from me again! :)

October 15th at 9:22AM

Mark Lenhart Just got my first tie set Friday, wore it to a wedding last night, great ties !

October 14th at 2:18PM

Patricia Gilliam I bought my brother a set. he just loves it.

October 12th at 6:31PM

A-Phi Coleman My order arrived early. Great service and great quality. Will definitely order more merchandise.

October 12th at 4PM

Ronnie Pinion I ordered a few for myself..Love them! Very cool and stylish..I'm about to order a few more!

October 12th at 8:13AM

Michael Kirkland Stylish, got a couple of sets will definitely order more

October 11th at 4:24PM

Thomas Eastmond I've bought (I think) five ties from these guys. They're good quality, and they arrive ridiculously fast.

October 10th at 10:34AM

Funkboneyin Funkadilica I purchased some beautiful ties from
Twentydollartie. My dilemma was and is that they have so many beautiful ties it's very hard to choose just one.

October 9th at 7:21PM

Ken Barrett I bought four business ties from here and they are every bit as good as what you would find in Macy's or Mens Wearhouse - just without the label and half the cost. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. This is absolutely my go to store for ties. Try them you will not regret it.

October 8th at 3:32PM

Clay Smith I have ordered from them twice now. Each time the package has come quicker than I expected. The quality is outstanding. I am so impressed. I will be ordering again soon!

October 2nd at 6:24AM

Dorothy White These ties are beautiful , got a couple for my husband . Will be getting more as gifts.

October 1st at 5:57AM

Fretonzia Hickman Bought from them a couple of times for various occasions. They're the real deal and you receive your items promptly.

September 29th at 8:43PM

Alvin Johnson Great ties. Well made and beautiful. These ties make me look good.

September 29th at 1:54PM

James Bolding This is the best site I have ever seen use it often tons of compliments my attire

September 28th at 6:05PM

Don Geisse Got my 6 ties today!
Really nice! I'll be getting more!

September 27th at 6:23AM

TD Hale This is where I buy my ties. Great service and beautiful products.

September 25th at 7:59PM

Elias Cruz I ordered 7 ties, all nice. The cuff links were very nice

September 23rd at 8:25AM

Frank Rossi Just got the one I ordered. Great looking tie and quick delivery!

September 20th at 5:36PM

Marc Head I have the tie on the left. I have a collection of ties wide enough that I usually don't wear a particular tie more than 2-3 times a year. But I get so many compliments on the color and extraordinary stitch detail of this tie that I have worn it four times since I got it about 2 months ago. And no one will ever believe you paid only $20 for these ties! The quality is amazing. I have four of the various ties, and each one is beautiful and the fabric is substantial. I will definitely be buying more, especially at the holidays!

September 20th at 12:50PM

JoeAnn Cohen I ordered for my husband, he loves them, always get compliments when he wears them.

September 17th at 1:31PM

Desmond D Allison Sr. These are really good quality ties, I purchased one myself. 💯 percent silk for $20 ain't bad.

September 15th at 1:09PM

Ann Willey Quick and accurate delivery and my husband even liked my choices for his new suits.

September 11th at 12:57AM

Earljne Mcbride Love them bought 7 sets for my husband

September 10th at 3:34AM

Richard Cahill I just ordered two more tie sets and cufflinks. I cannot say enough good things about their selection , quality and prices. I constantly recommend them.

September 9th at 7:04AM

Eric S. Butler Sr. I've bought some things from here before and their products are very nice

September 5th at 6:12AM

Maritza Walton Love this place. I used them for my wedding. The Bow Ties and cuff links were beautiful and I received them timely.

September 4th at 10:16AM

Tobey Miller Shocked at the great the quality for the price.

September 1st at 9:32AM

Joseph Coles I keep ordering from this company. you wouldn't be disappointed! I have order about 50 ties from them. look sharp on me when I step out brother and sister be asking where you get your tie handkerchief and cuff links from!

August 26th at 3:16AM

Laverne McKinley This site is the best. Wonderful merchandise, great service. My go to site for h it's for the men in my life.👍👍

August 23rd at 7:31PM

Freddrick Marshall Love this place. They have very quick shipping and they use paypal.

August 23rd at 11AM

Melvin Ray Wright Jr. I have purchased 3 this year. Fast service. Great quality. I do recommend.

August 21st at 1:59PM

Lisa Pry I've ordered for my son and husband from here, very nice. I see you have some news ones so I'll be checking them out soon.

August 20th at 1:10AM

Drusilla Peterson I bought some of those for David this year and he loved them. So that is saying a lot. 😁

August 18th at 10:15AM

Falba Woodard I have ordered twice now and cannot tell you how beautiful and nice these ties are.

August 18th at 9:01AM

Gary Crowell Bought 3. Delivery in a couple of days.

August 16th at 8:35PM

George Cardenas I've got a bunch of them. Perfect for working in a casino here in Vegas..

August 13th at 11:50AM 

Gene Mikijanic Love these products. Have a number of them. Speedy delivery within USA. Highly recommend over the other guys - where you have to wait 1+ month from China. Buy here for sure!

August 12th at 8:28PM

Marc Head At $20 or less per tie, I have found these ties to be unmatched in quality and style...not to mention value. Even without cufflinks and pocket squares, these would be a great buy, but the cufflinks are great! Shipping is fast and the ties are exactly as you see them...stunning and luxurious, with a terrific array of colors and designs. I receive so many compliments each time I wear them. . .

They are an outstanding complement to even the most expensive dress shirts! These make terrific gifts and you don't need to win the lottery to wear them. I am totally satisfied! Please keep doing what you're doing!

August 11th at 1:03PM 

Ellen Greene The quality and variety of these sets is just fabulous...hubby loves them!

August 7th at 9:19PM

Janai Sanders We ordered a set for my husband for our Peacock Theme Wedding and it's perfect!!!

August 4th at 3:14PM

Barbara Walker Bought two of these sets for my husband. they were good quality

August 4th at 10:41AM

Melinda Hodnett I just love these ties, I've buy my man 20 sets already.

July 25th at 9:55AM

Charla Thompson Absolutely love this site. I was skeptical at first, but the quality is first rate! I have purchased several ties now for my husband and have been extremely pleased with all of them!

July 25th at 8:10AM

Frank King Just got 2 new Ties yesterday will be buying some more soon

July 24th at 1:46PM

William Phillips They have a wide variety of good looking and quality ties which you can buy with handkerchief and cuff links. I have purchase several sets from them and just ordered 9 tie sets for my fellow Ushers who serve with me at my church.

July 24th at 1:38PM

Stewart Fisher Just received my order love those bow ties, collection is getting huge

July 21st at 8:39PM

Thomas Eastmond The delivery of these ties is ridiculously fast. Each time I've ordered, it ships within the hour and arrives in a couple of days.

July 21st at 6:41AM

Dorothy White My husband ❤️ love the sets I got for him , will be back for more . They are soooo nice 👍🏽

July 20th at 7:45PM

Goldie Watson These are the best Christmas gifts...
Well, the best MALE gift...
Brought SMILES to the MEN in my life.

July 13th at 7:22AM

Susie Bryant Mcmillian I order 5 different sets for my husband and they are nice

July 9th at 12:12PM

Straus Davis I purchased 4 of these items. The quality is top notch. They really are nice.They will make fine gifts for many occasions.

July 8th at 10PM

Michael Hammett Just got my first shipment. It won't be my last!!!!! Wore one of them today! Oh, the compliments!!!

July 8th at 6:59PM

Perry Sutton I love the tie that I bought. Tie, handkerchief and cuff links for twenty bucks. Great quality and look great. You can't beat it.

July 3rd at 3:47PM

Margaret Holman I love these ties. The quality is excellent. I have purchased almost ten ties in 2 months for my husband, sons & bow tie for my grandson. Getting ready to order 2 more.

June 26th at 2:33AM 

Adrian Lewis I've purchased approx. 20 ties from this company. I am well pleased with the selection offered. Something for every suit.

June 26th at 12:55AM

Monti S Taylor Some of them you also get the matching cuff links! I have bought many and they are nice and you get them fast! This sight is the real deal!

June 25th at 3:55PM

Jefferey Chandler I purchase all of my ties from this company. I continually get compliments. Good merchandise

June 22nd at 5:46AM

Steve Youngdahl They have my vote! I ordered six ties from them, they arrived within a week, all are beautiful and all (if memory serves me) came with a pocket square and custom cufflinks that match the tie.

June 21st at 9:29AM


June 18th at 12:17PM

Sylvia Jean Cunningham Have ordered three sets and absolutely love them and so did my husband!

June 18th at 12:03PM

Phyllis Henson They are all beautiful. Hubby got seven sets for Father's Day. Beautiful and cost is even more beautiful.

June 18th 10:12AM

John Paul Schaeffer Got my first tie and pocket square..... very nice

June 15th at 7:25PM

Tamera Cole Parker The ties @ www.TwentyDollarTie.com are as beautiful as the pictures. I bought 4 and they are very nice.

June 13th at 12:16PM 

Tanela Moffatt Good company I placed an order on Sat and got it on that following Wed. The sets looks good on the site, but better in person. I will be ordering more..

June 12th at 6:17PM

Nick Ryan I luv their products. I have a few ties, pocket squares and an awesome lapel pin from them.

June 11th at 7:43AM

Kevin Camon I lost count on how many ties I brought from this site they 👍🏾nice

June 11th at 7:23AM

Joyce Miller-Johnson My grandson stay sharp, I get all of their ties from here

June 10th at 2:50PM

Zephia Conaway Just placed an order. Very nice set. Received in few days

June 6th at 8:23AM

Jacque Miller I received my order within just a few days of ordering! Thank you!! Usually I have to wait weeks for items ordered on line. Thank you for the fast delivery and quality service. I will be doing business with you again!!

June 5th at 9:18AM

Ken McCoy I just want to say" Good Stuff!" . I have ordered many collections for clients as gifts. Thanks again!

June 3rd at 4:06PM

 Jerome Washington I was a little skeptic @ first about buying, after reading the reviews and taking to some people i placed an order. I got 21 Twentydollartie with in 2 days. I must say that l'm very Impressed and pleased with them. Thxs Twentydollartie.com..... now looking for 21 shirts and suits.

June 3rd at 7:00AM

Matthew Monroe I was very dubious of how much quality these ties could really have at the price point... Yesterday when I opened the package all doubt was removed. I am very impressed, and will be ordering more soon.

May 29th at 1:07PM

Joe Grey I bought ten ties right off the back because the reviews were so good. And I must say I'm getting compliments on all of them

May 28th at 3:00PM

Gerald Rankin Won't buy ties any where else. Great price and the best selections.

May 20th at 12:45PM

Matthew Minor Checked it out myself awesome collection of quality ties

May 18th at 4:10PM

Seymond Perry I have purchased several items from this website. Always satisfied. Great job and keep up the good work

May 18th at 4:31AM

Ira Jeffery Moss My wife purchased 4 sets and I have worn three of them and they really look good. Great tie set.

May 18th at 2:27AM

Kent Uphoff love them, get compliments every time I wear them,

May 18th at 1:36AM

Henry Hank Collins Jr. I am a customer and I enjoy wearing your products. Very refreshing!

May 15th at 2:21PM

Vincent Yale I just received my order and yes, just as beautiful as in their site!

May 13th at 12PM

James P. Monahan Just bought three; exactly what I was looking for in a tie

May 12th at 2:03PM

James Price I was skeptical but I ordered and just received two. Good ties and experience. Will order again.

May 10th at 3:10PM

Paul Ramsay Ordered a tie on a whim. Wasn't sure if it was a fake site or not. NOT!! Tie ordered Saturday...arrived Wednesday. Excellent order process and excellent product!!

May 10th at 6:53AM

Joseph Marinello Great products. Received compliments each time I wore their ties.

May 9th at 8:22AM

Mark Bill Bought 5 of the ties with pocket squares and matching cufflinks last week for $100, ties look as nice as individual ones I have purchased in the past @200 plus!

May 8th at 4:33PM

Yvonne Mason Such wonderful colors & patterns. When the 5 Sets I ordered came, they were the perfect Birthday gift. The rich textures of the fabric were greatly appreciated!

May 7th at 3:04PM

Steve Sokol I bought two sets, fast delivery good quality they look great

May 4th at 9:52PM

Ron Hancock I've bought 4-5 they are nicer in person

May 2nd at 1:12PM

Neil Woody Just received two ties, pocket squares & matching cuff links. Very nice quality!

April 29th at 1:38AM

Chuck McCurdy Ordered the multi colored tie set. The set was beautiful, and very stylish.

April 27th at 9:28AM

James Wilson Love my ties. Will continue to order my ties from you

April 23rd at 8PM

Fran Crisp I love them beautiful. My hubby gets compliments every time he wears them. I bought these as Christmas gifts for my hubby and he was surprised and love them. I couldn't wait for him to open his gifts. Im sold!!!!!

April 21st at 5:03PM

Bob Bradbury I have a few now, and I am quite satisfied with the quality. I likely will be buying a few more.

April 19th at 8:53AM

Garland Jones I'm back, got my order yesterday, my ties are very nice. Fast shipping and great customer service, look forward to doing business with TDT in the future...Thanks

April 18th at 3PM

Raymond White I was pleasantly surprised it came with cuff links as well I received so many compliments on my tie and will be ordering more !

April 18th at 1:02PM

Don Cook I've bought around 8 of these ties and I like them a lot.

April 18th at 7:13AM

Ibrahim Ibey Rivera I have ordered twice, the selection is awesome!

April 17th at 9:01AM

George S. Rickman Jr. I've bought at least 5 sets and love them! Had no problem so far on the mail orders and nice quality on the materials! Can't beat the price either!

April 16th at 10:38AM

Jerry P. Honstein Love these ties! I have purchased about eight of them in the past two months; and, I normally, don't even wear ties! I'm retired! I just bought a new one for every day I was going to be at the International Dental Show in Cologne, and now, I have purchased two more, just 'cause I have a meeting in a week's time, and I thought they were gorgeous! What value they represent; oh, and they tie into great knots, too.

April 16th at 8AM

Lorna Blake Crowder Purchased some for my husband, really nice ties. Love them

April 12th at 3:35PM

Lavetta Grant My Dad loved his ties. Suave men know how to tie and dress up. Like this one.

April 11th at 8:30AM

DorisandBallard Johnson I bought 4 tie from them on the first order. I have received so many compliments. And I keep buying them.

April 10th at 3:56PM

Lee Lou Mayo Wow, I just ordered 3 sets on Thursday and received them on Monday! They look beautiful! Of course, my son and husband have not yet viewed their Easter surprise!

April 10th at 2:23PM

Larry Frieders I received my first order of ties last week. They are stunning and of very good quality. They rival ties costing several times more. I'll be ordering again. Keep up the great work - and excellent prices.

April 10th at 10:30AM

Alisa Brooks I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! Will continue to order!! Hubby finally learned how to tie the bow tie!!! HAPPY FACE!!!!! He looked SHARP too!!!

April 10th at 4:32AM

Brandi N Kevin Moore I bought 6 sets good quality love them .!!!👍🏽

April 9th at 10:09PM

Troy Johnson I love the quality and cost I paid was excellent.

April 8th at 5:11PM

Stephanie Mingo thanks twenty dollartie .com from sending me my husband ties on time I'm a very satisfied customer ... they are gourgeous 👍🏾

April 7th at 2:40PM

Barry Morman Picked up several bow ties from them, they are my number 1 spot for ties...

April 6th at 11;47PM

Victor Roman Incredible quality, style, and value. Very impressed.

April 5th at 11:58AM


April 1st at 10:27PM

Tom Modin Ordered two ties and two bow ties. Received them quickly. High quality ties that have quickly become favorites. I will buy more.

March 31st at 8AM

Karen Kirksey Foster Just received the tie set that I ordered for my husband and I was not disappointed. He loves it!

March 31st at 1:02AM

Martin Padilla I just got my order, they are really nice. And I'm definitely getting some more. I'm not cheap but I love to save me some money when it comes to clothes.

March 30th at 8:07PM

Ronnie Henderson Received my order and I am very pleased. More orders to come.

March 30th at 7:25AM

Patrice Gambrill-Stanback I've ordered several of these ties for the men of my church (First Missionary Baptist Church of Clayton, NC) and we've never been disappointed. I promise you that you will be extremely satisfied with these ties.

March 29th at 10:02PM

Billy McCormick Already have a few. Plan to add more. I rather like the cuff links too...

March 29th at 7:09AM

Carl L. Towns I needed a black and gold on a pinch, and they came to the rescue. Great quality and low price. What's not to love ❤️

March 28th at 6:27PM

Yolanda Hooks-Gibbs Bought some for my man for Valentine's Day and I love them!! Definitely worth it and it didn't take long to get

March 27th at 3:06PM

Gloria Mills Battle Order two for my honey. They were nice.

March 27th at 1:18PM

Mitchell G. Lacy I ordered 2. I got em fast, 3 days. They are well made. I couldn't be happier.

March 27th at 12:02PM

Carla Potter My husband purchases from them often. The ties are not cheap looking & he is constantly complimented & asked where he gets them. Bruh be look'n FINE!💕

March 27th at 7:38AM

Victor Kennedy Got several sets they are the bomb!

March 25th at 10:17AM

Rob Hall Order a tie set got it in 2 days also very satisfied with the product

March 24th at 7:44AM

Doris Brown-Matthews Love these ties, bought a set for my friend on his birthday, he loved it, they are gorgeous, lovea man in a suit

March 23rd at 6:49AM

Hubert Robinson I bought some, great quality very nice

March 22nd at 7:33AM

Dwight Carter i have bought a few ties from here. They are great. the only place I will get my ties from now on.

March 22nd at 7:00AM

Joe Gomez I got 10 sets and I am very happy !!

March 22nd at 2:21AM

Larry Webster I purchased several. Great ties

March 21st at 6:58PM

Jeff Walker I ordered three. Very nice well with the price. I'll be buying more soon. I got the fine granite, golden loops, and now that is a tie. Very nice quality materials, look exactly like the pictures on the website.

March 20th at 5:27PM

Craig Vermes Just got mine in the mail. Very good quality. I bought 3 to see how they are, I will buy more. You cannot beat the value. Thanks.

March 19th at 3:35PM

Robert Bowers The Fine Granite tie set is awesome! I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. I ordered it on Wednesday and had it on Saturday. Was not disappointed in any way. Thanks!

March 18th at 5:20PM

Wesley Chaffin got my ties on time....Thanks! Will be getting more!

March 17th at 3:21PM

Anthony Roy I just ordered 5 sets and the came in yesterday. I love every one of them. I need to buy some tie racks so I have room for all my ties.

March 17th at 2:52PM

JohnCarolyn Buckley Williams Received my first tie set....great purchase!!!

March 15th at 5:26PM

DorisandBallard Johnson I have looked and looked for a nice affordable tie and accessories. I have to look no further. They have what I like and they arrive soon. Thanks

March 15th at 1:38PM

Conrad Chenault I have 8 and I love the quality.

March 13th at 6:55AM

Darryl Carter Just received my first order, very pleased. The quality and texture of the material is everything I hoped for. Can't beat the variety...

March 12th at 9PM

Marlon McMillian Wow you guys are great, I ordered on Thursday and I had my tie on Saturday, I will be ordering again

March 12th at 3:55PM

Raymond Griffith I've ordered two ties and will be ordering more very soon. A nice selection and great quality

March 11th at 6:47PM

Mark Prelich just received my first order and I am very pleased with the quality. I will definitely be ordering again and again.

March 9th at 3:38PM

Michael Sukowski Getting many compliments on my purchases! Thank you.

March 7th at 5:45PM

David Hinderliter Just received my first purchase I am very pleased. I ordered one set to check them out. Will be ordering more in the future! Nice job.

March 7th at 6:59AM

Willie Taylor Got three last week and they are excellent............ Love the cuff links.

March 6th at 2:45PM

Vickie Scott-weed Order a set for my son-in-law received it in 3 days. The quality was excellent great set for $20🤑

March 6th at 10:33AM

Thaddeus Wills Just received my order, ties and pocket squares are great,will place a second order

March 6th at 8:01AM

Albert Martin I have the tie pictured above and several outhers. I wore the one above to church yesterday. I can't believe the positive coments I recived form bouth men and women. Love your ties. A. J. Albert Martin

March 5th at 10:33PM
James Neal Jr Ive purchased a couple. They are nice!

March 5th at 9:21PM

Connor Corey Just got four three piece sets in just the other day and IMMEDIATELY put the first one on. Great quality and looked fabulous, thank you Twentydollartie.com.

March 4th at 2:01PM

Mike Hale I just received the two I ordered. They are both as nice as the picture. Beautiful fabric and qualify.

March 4th at 11AM

Larry Stewart I ordered 4 tie sets and was very pleased

March 3rd at 8:36PM

Gregg Carver-Fitzpatrick One of the happiest purchases I have ever made. Bought some for my partner, then myself, and ended up wearing his before he got to them, LOL.

March 3rd at 1:25PM

Janice Truesdale Spruill Just ordered my husband 6 ties/ hanky/cuffs from there! They are soo nice!! My man gonna be sharp as a tack!!LOL

March 3rd at 7:28AM

JuVelle Williams Great. The order came today. Great shipping time and good quality. You have my business.

March 2nd at 7:27AM

Jesse Pope Love the collection of styles. Very unique! I've Ordered 6 within the last 2 months.

March 2nd at 7:09AM 

John E. Jones Jr. Very nice ties. Great colors and fast delivery. I will purchase more. Great price for 3 pieces, tie, pocket square and cuff links, awesome.

March 2nd at 5:22AM

Takana Cleveland-Jefferson My husband received his bowties today and he loves them!!!

March 1st at 5:26PM

Falba Woodard I ordered a tie for our Golden Anniversary for my husband. I was amazed at how nice it was. I mean 20.00 you're kinda suspect. I will definitely be ordering more foe the five guys in my family

March 1st at 3:30PM

Curt Day Just a quick comment. I ordered 4 or 5 ties from here. I have received mutlple compliments on them everytime I wear one. Today alone three different clients made a comment on the tie I was wearing. Just sayin.....I will definetly be getting a few more. Very Satisfied with the purchase.

March 1st at 12:02PM

Janet Rodgers I bought several ties for my husband for Father's Day last year, then more for Christmas for him and for my son in law. Classy!!!

February 27th at 4:39PM

Rod Jac I ordered 3 xl bow tie sets and I am very pleased. Excellent quality. Looking forward to ordering more. Great website!!!

February 25th at 6:34PM

Gail R. Ernst I received the tie, matching handkerchief and cuff links today that I will wear at our daughter's wedding! They are beautiful and I am impressed with the quality! Thank you! I will be buying more!

February 25th at 11:06AM

Perci Dallas-Simpson I really like these. I have order several sets, and the Bow ties. My son loved them

February 25th at 6:32AM

Danielle Maclin-Parker Order all the time for the hubby!! We Love them!!

February 24th at 2:41PM

Craig Dempsey I just received my 3 piece set ,great quality and looks great, i will be ordering again soon and have recommended to many of my colleagues

February 23rd at 2:04PM

Vernon Roberts I ordered 3 ties w/hankies last week. They arrived today (a day early). They look great. I will be ordering some more in the near future.

February 23rd at 1:02PM

James Robinson Love the combinations of colors and the sets. I have around 12 bow ties and neck ties and counting......Oh did I mention the excellent price....!

February 23rd at 12:49PM

Dick Van Nostrand I just bought my first tie and I'm very impressed with the quality, price and fast shipping. Thank you!

February 22nd at 8:34PM

Samith Hill I have bows, pocket squares, cuff links and ties from them...They look pretty good too. To me on par with the $80 ties...

February 22nd at 4:50PM

Luis R Arce Yes ... I did the same, ... I've had BAD experiences with OTHER sites, but this site offers HIGH Quality Ties at a very good delivery time! ... I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

February 22nd at 4:49PM

Donna Ruth I ordered on a Friday, and received it the next Tuesday! Looks just like the pics, too.

February 22nd at 4:19PM

Edell Butts Ive made two orders so far, high quality, and they came quick!!!

February 22nd at 7:27AM

Sam Calder Always checking the website for new items purchased some items from them and love them.

February 21st at 2:57PM

Paulette Thomas I love the service! Very quick and very nice combos. Placed my 1st order. My son loved them! Will order again.

February 20th at 12:12PM

Ronald Skinner This Sunday I got a lot of compliments on my tie, thanks again!

February 18th at 7:54AM

John Jones I am going to place another order. They have some beautiful designs. A large selection to match.

February 17th at 9:10AM

Selestine Jackson Received my order. Twentydollartie.com Thank you. Beautiful

February 17th at 8:47AM

Henry Gragg So far I've purchased two. Love them and will be buying more. Great quality items.

February 16th at 2:38PM

Rosalyn Worthan I ordered two sets for my fiancée for Christmas. He loved them!!!

February 15th at 7:56PM

Nick Zuklic I have been a customer for a short time, but glad I am. Beautiful silk tie sets for a great price. Plan to order more beautiful ties. Great job guys!!!

February 15th at 7:33PM

Carol White I just purchased four sets for my husband for valentines day - absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

February 15th at 11:39AM

Jean Fagan-Pickett Look great and received in 2 days!

February 15th at 7:35AM

Bran Que I just received my package from Twentydollartle.com I'm very pleased! Quick turn around time!

February 14th at 4:38PM

Charles A. Kelly Nice apperal. Shipping is quick and quality is very good.

February 14th at 10:26AM

Lou Howard Once again my order arrived right on time for Valentine's Day!!! Thank you. This is my third order and I will be ordering again.

February 14th at 6:20AM

Rick Bunkley I already received one order and making another today!! Great stuff and you can't beat the price. Very happy!!!

February 13th at 10:04PM

Marilyn Johnson received my order today. Husband was very pleased .They are very stylish and affordable.

February 13th at 6:14PM

Pamela Endsley Received my order today!! Shipped fast quality is good . Will be ordering more for my husband

February 13th at 1:10PM

Larry White I got a few as Christmas gifts very nice ties, they arrived quickly

February 13th at 1:01AM

Harold Mims Received three Wednesday. Love them. Excellent quality.!!

February 12th at 5:42PM

Nancy McKay I ordered some for my husband. they came Friday and He wore one today, they are beautiful and great quality.

February 10th at 2:14PM

Harold Mims Just purchased three . Love them!!!

February 9th at 8:40AM

Joe Targia The latest addition to my collection 2 day delivery from Arizona to Florida. This is my second or third purchase from them and they never disappoint. You guys rock, you are the best.

February 9th at 2PM

Allen Kirk Ordered on a sat. morn. In my mail box Monday afternoon.

February 9th at 7:32AM

Jaime TrueBlue Maldonado Got a set, love it. Will order more soon

February 7th at 2:52PM

Derek Scotty Scott Love my purchase,I'll BE BACK!

February 7th at 7:35Am

Bernard Hyland Received shipment# 2 and I'm as happy as I was with shipment #1 You guys rock, and I always receive compliments no matter which tie I wear

February 4th at 7:50AM

Patricia Y Tate I received my first order yesterday, and I'm well pleased with the ties I received and so was my bf. The most difficult part was choosing which ties I wanted to order first! Looking forward to placing more orders in the very near future!

February 3rd at 8:02AM

Larry Marsili Just got my first order in. Wow. SUPER FAST shipment, and the quality is MUCH HIGHER than I was expecting. I wore my tie to Court and got as many compliments on it as i do my $145 tie. The matching cuff-links are great, too. Now that i know exactly what I'm getting...my next order is being planned now!

February 2nd at 12:23PM

JoeAnn Cohen Ordered my husband two, they are vey nice!! And yes I am a repeat customer!!!

February 2nd at 6:38AM

Charla Thompson Had my doubts about what the quality would be based on the price, but ordered three sets each for my husband and grandson. They are amazing. Very high quality and beautiful patterns!

February 1st At 9:37PM

Billy McCormick Have a few sets. Planning to add some more. Loads of compliments on them....

February 1st at 9:30PM

Harold Mims Made my first purchase about two months ago. About to purchase more this week. Excellent quality !!! Great price!!!!!

February 1st at 3:33PM

Michael Dent I got my 2 ties.... I love them, and so does my wife (and that is important!! :) ) Had some very good comments.

January 31st at 5:00PM

Nicole Leigh I ordered the Dusk til Dawn Paisley and the California Mamba for a friend at separate times and they both came really quick. Each time I ordered on Friday and had them on Monday. I'll be sure to order him more. These are really nice ties.

January 30th at 4:14PM

Kathy Maples-Spires I ordered tie sets for my son and two grandsons that wear suits for their jobs. I was very pleased when they arrived, they were bright (one was the gold with circles tie above) and of high quality at such an affordable price! I will be ordering again and referring friends to your website!

January 30th at 3:38PM

Daric Fail Rec'd my first order of 2 bow ties today and am thrilled with them! Cant wait to sit down tonight and pick out some more!

January 30th at 1:52PM

Roy Washington Happy that I found this company.I have been pleased with everything I 've ordered

January 30th at 1:46PM

Frank King Got two of them and very happy with both of them. Will be ordering more

January 30th at 1:17PM

Robert Summerford Just got my two in today. Super nice. Will be ordering more very soon

January 29th 6:44PM

Ron-Googie Gates Love these tie combos. I order the Tranquil Polka Dot set and received it in just a few days. I plan to add several more to my collection!

January 29th at 1:07PM

Eugene Doc Smith I just ordered a tie set. Came on time and great quality.

January 27th at 4:11PM

Michael Hartman Okay, folks, got my 3 bow-ties today in the mail. They look great. Seem to be of pretty darn good quality as well. I will make them look GOOD!!
Btw, pretty fast turn around time from order to delivery. It took 3 days to arrive. That is very, very good.

January 27th at 8:37AM

Michael Sukowski Very satisfied with my purchase. Received many compliments. Will look at the selection again for more purchases.

January 26th at 10:23AM

Roland Yeldell Purchased five ties from Twentydollartie.com about a month ago very satisfied with their products.

January 25th at 4:00PM

David Henderson i have several of these and will be buying more. The ties are long enough so that you aren't flying at half mast. :-)

January 25th at 1:23PM

Vanessa Rivera Mindy Land Mike Jamerson..i ordered 6 of the tie and pocket square sets for our make pioneers and they loved them. Nice sets..

January 25th at 12:01PM

Benjamin Morris The ties are very nice....i have ordered a number of them...very pleased...and you receive them timely

January 24th at 11:26AM

Dawn Johnson Just rec'd my first order of 2 sets. Very Nice deal! ;)

January 22nd at 8:21PM

Robert Wyatt Got my first order of ties. They are very nice and good quality. Have a new source for my tie purchases.

January 22nd at 3:24PM

Ronald Skinner The best ties I've owned!

January 22nd at 2:21PM

Jeff Porter Received my first order yesterday. Prompt service, and speedy delivery. Having read your reviews I was not completely surprised by what I saw when I opened the package, I was, however, very pleased that the reviews were not exaggerated! Excellent quality products combined with top notch service leaves me with just one problem, which ties to order next! You've earned a loyal customer! Well done, keep up the fine work!

January 21st at 2:16PM

Lamar Hill My order was in my box today! The quality and feel are amazing

January 21st at 12:31PM

Laura Wilson Brought some for hubby Christmas came right away

January 20th at 4:33PM

Tom Mustian I just got my second tie set,OMG!!! Love them. I love so many of them, I will be getting one or two every paycheck.

January 19th at 8:40PM

Lucy Rodriguez Just got the Razorback tie, wow beautiful set, definitely going to order some more!! ❤

January 19th at 6:02PM

Kirk Kobak I just received my ties I ordered earlier this week, I must say the quality of the ties are awesome.
The shipping and price are the added bonus, wearing ties everyday, I will be sure to order more to update my collection.
I will be recommending you to all of my friends and colleagues

January 19th at 9:02AM

Carmen Holmes I bought my husband ties from here well made nice material got many compliments on them.

January 18th at 2:43PM

Dale Jimison <-----Got mine yesterday!Love them. Wearing one now!

January 17th at 4:24PM

Ray Brumfield Gardin Just got my order in the mail. I am COMPLETELY satisfied. They did what they said. Ties are nice, cuff links are nice too...The pics on their site are true.

January 17th  at 1:08PM

Nita J. Gaskin I was very pleased with the Ties I purchased during the Christmas Holiday. And so were the Men in my Life. I will be ordering again for Valentines Day. These are very addicting...every day there are new ones to oogle! Lol!

January 16th at 4:28PM

Betty Dow I gave my husband two sets for Christmas and he love them. I got him the three piece set.

January 16th at 12:42PM

Agnes Stephen I ordered two sets for my brothers for Christmas. They are really nice sets.

January 16th at 7:52AM

Oscar Diaz Just received the purple tie with the silver leaves for Christmas. Wore it with a light grey suit last week and it looked great. Keep up the good work twentydollartie.

January 15th at 12:36PM

Ronald Andrews I have purchased 5 sets from this site. Fantastic quality and appearance. So many comments on my ties!! Thanks for a great experience!!🤐

January 15th at 9:06AM

Nadine Johnson  Thank you so much Twentydollartie.com!! My husband is a tie connoisseur & he absolutely loves your tie sets. It was an awesome surprise for anniversary. ☺️💗

January 15th 8:04AM

Jaci Hamilton-Fomby We bought 9 orange tie sets last month for my mom's 70th birthday party, everyone loved them. The men really stood out. Will order again.

January 15th at 6:03AM

Martha Quinn I bought my man a three piece tie set he loved it and loved the cloth covered cufflinks

January 14th at 7:40P

Courtney Thomas Omg!!! Just received my package today and all I can say is WOOOOWWWW!!! These ties and bow ties are to die for!!! Beyond excited and pleased and I'm about to order again!!

January 14th at 6:52PM

Tom Mustian I just got my first order in the mail today, these ties are amazing

January 14th at 3:40AM

John Goodman I stopped buying and wearing ties for years. Until now. I'm ready for my second $100 order! LOVE this site and the selection!

January  13th at 5:07PM

Lena Jones Bought my honey a set from here...he loves it! Good guality

january 13th at 11:29AM

Barbara Brinkley Goss Wonderful ties at a great price and quality. Delivery is fast.

January 13th at 8:30AM

Lavette Chapman-Watson I order 6 for my husband.. he loves them.. cant wait for him to wear them...

January 12th at 6:22PM

E Todd Stubblefield I just bought six of them and they came in today and they are nice

January 12th at 9:02AM

Chaunta Meredith I bought 4 sets, 3 with cufflinks and one without......They are more beautiful in person

January 12th at 7:15AM

Paula Brown Davey Received yesterday, absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to buy more. Quick shipping.

January 11th at 6:01PM

Jeffrey Cox Just got an OUTSTANDING shipment of two bow ties!

January 11th at 2:36AM

Oaj Adams I purchased 3 already and have my eye on 5 more.

January 10th  at 10:03PM

Caroline Earnest Just received my order and it looks exactly like the pic!!!!😊

January 10th at 7:06AM

Michael Sukowski Already ordered a set, wore it, received many compliments!

January 7th  at 7:07PM

Johnny Benton I have 10 sets already, fly,fly,fly. Love it.

January 6th at 10:31PM

Will Williams Just got my order today very impressed

January 6th at 1:28AM

Mona Zephir They are good quality. I bought some both my boyfriend and I were pleased. Shipping was fast as well.

January 5th at 9:02AM

Jeanine Ball My father loves his tie sets we purchased him for Christmas! He now wants to replace all of his ties with your ties! So we'll be purchasing more!! Awesome product!!

January 5th at 3:34AM

Mattie Anthony Just received my order on 1/3/17. I ordered three ties and they are better than the major brands tie, that I paid 190.00 for my husband Christmas present , and no way does his tie looks like the three that I ordered from Twentydollartie.com the quality is much better and they are beautiful. I will order again and again, my husband loved his new ties.

January 4th at 9:51AM

Geoffrey L. Garfield I received my 5 sets today! Looks great! Thx!

January 3rd at 9:45PM

Joe Targia Got my ties today, delivered in less than 4 days including 2 days without mail, and the ties look great too!!! I'll be back.

January 3rd at 8:42PM

Sheila Wilson I ordered 5 for my husband Christmas presents he love them

January 3rd at 6:30PM

Christopher Dupre Just got my 4 I ordered. Not only look great, but feel fantastic. High quality silk that ties easily.

January 3rd at 12:53PM

Shirley Cooper-Howard Ordered three tie sets and three bow tie sets for my husband. VERY VERY PLEASE.....THANK YOU

January 3rd at 7:30AM

Nita J. Gaskin I Ordered from them for Christmas all my Men were very Happy! Thank You your Product lived up to my expectations!

January 3rd at 5:25AM 

Hubert Robinson Bought some of these 👔 ties from this company they are really 👍🏾 great

January 2nd at 5:24PM

Eric Feldhausen I ordered my first one from you today...the solid orange one to wear with my blue suit...you know, Broncos colors!!!! Have my eye on many more!!!! Can't beat the price!!!!

January 2nd at 2:37PM

Desiney Weaver Lowery I purchased one for my brother and one for my 11-year old son. They loved them!!!

January 2nd at 3:00AM

Shirley Jones My son is a Bow Tie person got him 2 for Christmas he loved them these r some beautiful ties

January 1st at 3:13PM

William Gregory Sr. Twentydollartie. I really like your ties. I now have 4 and this brings my tie count around 75.

January 1st at 4:53AM

John Drew I love your bow-ties and have invested in well over 20+ ties in 2016. Looking forward to adding many more this year. Thank you for the great customer service and amazing selection of beautiful ties that I can count on! JD in Washington DC

January 1st at 4:50AM

Robert Norton Just received my first two ties. Excellent! I will be a return customer!

December  31st at 5:23PM

Daisy Marie Wilder Ordered some for my Son,Son In Law , and Daughters Boyfriend for Christmas and they look very expensive, beautiful ,and stylish will order again and they loved them

December 30th  at 1:51PM

Diane Rose Just received 3 that I orders for my husband. They are beautiful and we'll made will be ordering more.

December 29th at 3:01PM

Roger T. Herring Just received my second order. Absolutely love it!

December 29th  at 2:49PM

John Curtis I ordered a bow tie set for and gala and I was surprised with the quality 👍🏿. I'm getting ready to order more after the holidays

December  29th at 12:14PM

Charles Randolph i rec'd my first tie purchase. Very nice, I will be purchasing many more.

December 29th at 6AM

Dawn Patterson Parker Ordered four sets for Christmas! Very nice ties...

December 29th at 12:03AM

Denise Swan Johnson My Dad loved the set a got him for Christmas. Thanks Twentydollartie.com I'm a customer for life ❤

December 28th at 5:33PM

Susanna Flanagan Alexander Bought a couple sets for my husband for Christmas, very nice quality and colors are vivid. Excellent buy!!

December 28th at 11:36AM

Joseph Atchinson Sr Have purchased two sets so far and love the beauty and the quality.

December 27th at 7:07PM

Maurice Russell I have used this site before and was very happy with my purchases, definitely my new tie suppliers

December 26th at 5:54PM

Alexa Townsend Very classy and unusual. At first I had doubts in ordering but I put that aside an order 4 ties. More than I expect and came quickly. I gave add Christmas present. Will be ordering again

December 26th at 2:15PM

Linda French I ordered two sets for my husband for Christmas. They are beautiful. I am going to order more later. He loved that cuff links came with them.

December 26th at 1:16PM

Cedric TheGolfer Thompson I've bought a few sets...great quality and great price...keep producing these hot designs and I'll go broke lol.

December 26th at 11:00AM 

Michele Brown Fields Awesome ties and great service!! I will recommend them to all my family and friends! I will order for them again!!

December 26th at 10:14AM

Deborah McCloud Got my order in two days.thanks, and he loved them.

December 26th at 9:05AM

Kenny Roberts Santa graced me with a tie set from TDT this year. Am very pleased with the look and quality of this set. For the price it can't be beat. Will be buying more from TDT myself in the future.

December 24th at 6:11PM

Sonya Duke-Bolden My husband has ordered 2 ties from this site, and they are so nice & well made.

December 24th At 6:46AM

Shirley Davis I Received The Black & Gold One On The Left This Week. I Must Saw, It Is Really Sharp! I Love This Company!

December 23rd at 4:12PM

Albert Martin Bought 12 of these ties 2 weeks ago. Some of the best I've ever had. I'm 80. So I've had a bunch.

December 23rd at 10:22AM

Nannette Sanders I received my ties in the mail the other day and they are very nice. I can't wait to give them to him.

December  23rd at 8:07AM

Sayana Talbert I ordered two sets for gifts. I was really impressed with the colors and quality.

December 22nd at 1:27PM

Michelle Hughes We received our package in the mail on Tuesday and WOW they are as nice as the posted pictures on this site. Thank you very much

December 22nd at 8:22AM

Bridgette Welch Just received my first order.....LOVE THEM!!!!!!

December 21st at 3:32PM

Sharon Smith Ordered a set there very beauitful

December 21st at 9:01AM

Lmaria Boone I received the ones I ordered yesterday they are beautiful

December 20th at 10:03PM

Segura Jenkins I just got my ties and I will be placing another order soon..Very nice..

December 20th at 5:36PM

Shondonette Pitts Horton I placed my first order with you all this past weekend. My ties are of great quality..will definitely order from you all again.

December 20th at 4:30AM

Tiffany Spann-Walker The quality is very nice. I've ordered for my husband, brother and father for Christmas. You will not be disappointed!

December 19th at 7:01PM

Debi Anderson Johnson I love these ties I love these ties I LOVE THESE TIES bought one for my son-in-law he's very conservative and I got the loudest one that I liked I really really hope he likes it as much as I do.......will be visiting this site again and again and again ..... did I say again

December 19 at 4:52AM

Alexa Townsend I order 4 ties and they are a "WOW". Quality good and even better than what you see

December 18th at 3:20PM

Philip Eversman I have purchased several ties from this site recently and they have all been great. When I show this site to other guys, they can't believe all of the fantastic ties for such a great price.

December 17th at 5:21PM

Patricia Trent I got two of the ties for my honey. He will be surprised. He could not stop talking about how nice they were.

December 17th at 3:12PM

Gary S. Archdeacon I buy a lot of ties from you. They are wonderful !
Thank you 20 dollar !

December 17th at 5:05AM

Stephanie Blunt-vickers Just received order of ties in the mail. Very nice ties. Will be ordering more

December 16th at 4:09PM

Mary Devers I received my order. Nice ties !

December  15th at 8:26AM

Teresa Johnson I just received my order and I might saw it looks better in person than on the website. I'm sure my friend will be happy to receive this for Christmas. Very happy with this purchase. Will be buying lots more.

December 14th at 12:47PM

Tobias Tait Rhodes I must say that I was sweetly surprised at the Quality of the ties I received at this price.

December 14th at 12:18PM

Regina Goodwin Thank you so much the tie sets are AWESOME! I will be doing much more business with you guys.👍🏽

December 14th at 11:22AM

Jaycee Holmes I purchased four sets over the weekend and received them yesterday. They are great in fabric quality, look, and vibrant in colors! Will definitely order from them again and I totally recommend!

December 11th at 7:42PM

Donna Marie I ordered Saturday and it was delivered Monday, Fast Service, Everything looked better than the pictures.

December 11th at 2:55PM

Mike Bassemier Just bought two tie sets and I'm really impressed with the quality. Gonna order some more.

December 11th at 12:34PM 

Kool V Cox Just received my order: Merlot Diamonds Tie Set
Tranquil Polka Tie Set. They look even nicer than the pics

December 11th  at 3:51AM

Elaine Norwood My husband just received his first order of 👔 They are beautiful! Delivered in 3 days!

December 11th  at 9:17PM

Richard Khaaliq Very nice ties, great quality and super fast shipping!

December 10th at 8:24PM

LadyJay JA Got mines in the mail looks awesome. Can't wait to see it on him 😍

December 10th at 6:04PM

Lisa Postell I just got my order in the mail. OMG they are nice! I will be ordering from here again for sure.

December 10th at 8:50AM


December 10th at 8:44AM

Serena Barnette Fast turn around and the ties are beautiful

December 9th at 8:53PM

Jennifer Reynolds Absolutely great quality! Surpassed my expectations!

December 9th at 4:39PM

Hubert Robinson Bought ties from them, very good quality shipped in a timely manner👍🏾

December 9th at 4:18PM

Sylvester Herndon I love shopping at this store. The quality of the product is very good. I was a dedicated shopper for my ties, lapel pins and pocket squares at another store but after trying Twentydollartie, I like here much better.

December 9th at 3:33PM

Becky Edwards- Pervine I just received my husband ties today.very very pleased Speedy shipping

December 9th at 3:32PM

Jackie Bell-Ball Ordered one for my brother and it came and is beautiful!!!

December 9th at 3:28PM

Connie McCoy Received my order today. Fast, prompt service. Beautiful ties and good quality. Will definitely order again!

December 8th at 4:48Pm

Roger Boyd I have bought several bow ties and neck ties and everyone of them have been a very good purchase and I get great compliments.

December 8th at 8:08AM

Terry Williams Ordered two for my dad & they are gorgeous! I know that he will love them!

December 8th at 7;15AM

Nathaniel Quarles These bow ties are really good looking in person also. Ordered some last week got them in like 3 days

December 8th at 6:59AM

Rheba W Williford Got my order in 2 days.....WOW.......Nice ties by boyfriend will love his Christmas gift

December 7th at 10:42PM

Larue Livingston Just got mine today.. very true to the picture on line. Goes perfectly with my jacket. I'll be ordering more.

December 7th at 7:10PM

Marilyn Lincoln-McDaniel Ordered ties on Sunday received them on Wednesday!! I love them! Will definitely do business with them again!!

december 5th  at 10:12PM

Derrick Mosley‎ to Twentydollartie.com

Got my tie, quality is great, shipment was fast, will be ordering more for sure!

December 5th at 5:42PM

Perry Israel‎ to Twentydollartie.com

My favorite tie I bought from twentydollartie. Looking forward to buying more from you.

December 2nd at 10:37PM

William Hammonds I bought three ties from them, excellent price of course and quality🌝

December 1st at 7:08PM

Allan Kaufman Bought two ties from this company. Not only is the product fantastic and well worth the money, but customer service is spectacular. So glad to have done business with them and will continue to use them in the future.

December 1st At 2:30PM

Josef Britt Got my first order, very happy

December 1st at 2:28PM

Tangia Denise Knowles-Weaver I just received my package yesterday from them and It is nice and I love they ship out your item really fast

December 1st at 10:37AM

Chris L. Moultrie I odered a couple of set to see . Man they are really nice. Will be ordering from here a lot!!!!!

November 30th at 7:04PM

Walter Evangelista I just got a set and it looks fantastic!

November 30th at 1:55PM

Nykki Bblingn These tie sets are very nice, I have already purchased some for my husband and will be ordering more, for him and my father in law....very nice quality...thanks

November 29th at 10:49AM

Eloy Montemayor I have purchased three bow ties from you guys and I have to admit, you have a long term commitment customer! Hats off to a total quality bow tie!!

November 29th at 6:55AM

Dan Rubino Bought 3 ties and some stick pins and cuff links. Comments are none stop, noticed everywhere I go!

november 28th at 4:38PM

LadyJay JA Ordered this last week for a friend. Shipped the same night I purchased and I got it today...... great quality and true to the image I'll be ordering plenty more 😃 Thank you!!

November 28th at 4:34PM

Julio Perez Wow amazing fast shipping, great quality for the great value!! So happy!!

November 28th at 6:39AM

Patricia Trent I got a couple and they are absolutely nice for Christmas gifts.

November 27th at 6:42PM

Walt Taylor I've purchased about 12 sets from the company and I'm pleased with all. I'll be ordering again soon.

November 27th at 1:51PM

Renee Howell-White Ordered 6 for my husband. He loved them all!! I'll be back for more!!

November 27th at 11:37AM

Christopher Cobb Sr. Twentydollartie.com thank for the ties my wife bought me 2'of them and they are boss, the order came really quick thanks..

November 27th at 8:04AM

Ron Williams I have ordered 2 sets and I am highly pleased with them. I will order more sets this week. It would be nice if they have matching Braces (Suspenders ).
At first before I made my purchase, I was concerned how they would match up with my Brooks Brothers suits. Well, they batted a homerun!! Order now!!! You won't be disappointed! !
I am not a sales person for the site, just a satisfied customer!

November 27th at 7:02AM

Leonard Martin I enjoyed my ties that I received...

November 27 at 6:59AM

Oscar Diaz Own several and every time I wear them I get compliments. The funniest was when a young man who was around 16 or 17 said, "....that's a really nice tie sir." 😊 The big red polka dot and the purple on are next on my list.

November 26th at 7:o1PM

Kevin Lee Good quality,nice patterns. Best of all price, brought 4 sets not finished yet.

November 25th at 10:46AM

Joanna Woodberry My friend loved the ones that he bought to take to Europe. He got complements. He said Thank you. His Grandma was proud of him.

November 25th at 8:22PM

Jerry Holman What a great product and value! Love everyone I have ordered.

November 24th at 7:31AM

Kay Brown I have ordered several ties from here. They come quickly and look and feel great. I can see why that Paisley Dusk to Dawn is on back ordered. I love this one. Maybe after Christmas. I try to order it. I love the tie sets with cuff links for my husband And son in law.

November 22nd at 3:22PM

Tyrone Glover I'm a true witness....one of the best tie 👔 purchases in my lifetime!

November 22nd at 11:03AM 

Bridgette Queenb Sanders I bought my son two ties from them and they are very nice. I will be buying more.

November 21st at 6:10PM

Jeromy Emory Got my tie set in today. Looks awesome, very fast shipping.

November 21st at 4:43PM

Hiram Gomez I just received my tie set from Twenty Dollar Tie. What a great company! I had been looking for a tie to match a very high end shirt and literally could not find one to match it. I went to Brooks Brothers, Jos. A Bank, and a few others with no success. Then I remembered Twenty Dollar Tie on Facebook and decided I would give them a shot. After searching all but two of their pages of tie sets, I finally found the tie! Although it was a gamble to purchase the tie online, I went on ahead and did it. Much to my surprise the tie was a perfect match. I was also impressed with the material of the fabric for the price. Hey guys, if you just can't find that tie out there somewhere, there's no need to fear, Twenty Dollar Tie is here!

November 21st at 4:48AM


November 18th at 1:32PM

Denitra NeNe Day I just purchased the red and black Razorback tie set! The pink paisley bow tie set I purchased back in October worked perfectly for the breast cancer awareness event we attended. 🙂

November 17th at 2:39PM

Jacqueline Hines My dad just received this. I gifted it to him, he says he's rockin it this Sunday! #TheDeacon

November 16th at 7:12PM

Pamela Wells-Collins Got my order today for a friend B-day. Only ordered two sets because I wasn't sure of how they really looked, love them both. No pics because I was so excited I gift wrapped them so I wouldn't give them to him too soon. Expected it to take alot longer to recieve. I'll be ordering again soon for sure😁

November 16th at 6:36PM

Michael Carrington Just received my first order which is a bow tie set today. Good quality materials, will buy more ties.

November 14th at 3:34AM

Bruce Cole Love these ties and bow ties; I think I ordered around 6 so far. They look good and of good quality.

November 13th at 5:10PM

Darrell Brown I have purchased tie sets from this website, and I love the quality. They shipped in 3 days, and each time I wear a set I get lots of complements!

November 13th at 12:42PM

John Torres Ordered two ties. They came within a couple of days as promised. Great ties and outstanding quality. Will be buying more. Can't beat the price and service. Nice work!

November 11th at 2:21AM

Charlome Pierce I just received two sets for my husband. We will order more. I can't wait for him to learn how to tie a bow tie. Love your work.

November 10th at 5:57PM

Shon Grant I would like to give a huge Thanks to Twentydollartie.com. We needed bow ties for my sisters funeral and needed them in a hurry. My sister told us about this place so we checked out their website. We found the PERFECT color emerald green and navy blue and ordered them. We ordered on Monday and had our ties on Wednesday. Thankfully they had enough on hand for we needed 19 and they had a stock of 25. I will always recommend this company in the future. U guys rock. I have attached a couple of pics.....Again thanks

November 10th at 10:16AM

Scott Birdie Shipment #2 in the books. Quality stuff people! Can't beat the price for what you get. A customer for life. 2 days shipping across the country. Awesome.

November 8th at 5:55AM

Don Donofrio Great quality ties at a great price, and very fast shipping too! I have ordered from them several times!

November 8th at 4:50AM

Shanna Thomas I Love❤ this company! I've ordered from them a couple of times & my dad absolutely loves the sets I've given him!

November 7th at 5:40PM

Marjo Rogers Just received my ties. Placed another order. Great ties😃

November 7th at 5PM

Joseph Agnello i too ordered too beautiful ties, received them in a couple of days. i am very pleased. wish i had more occassions to wear ties. now i have to get a couple of french cuffed shirts to use the cufflinks. anybody like beautiful quality ties at a great price, and deliverd just like that. these are your people!!!!!!

November 7th at 2:44PM

Joe Kotowski Ordered 2 ties..came in super quick!great quality!I'm telling everyone!

November 5th at 3:14PM

Devon Simmons I ordered my first from them to check the quality...you're not gonna find a better product, and definitely not at such a good price

November 5th at 12:02PM

John Hartzog Received my order today. Satisfied.

November 4th at 4:33PM

Tamika Williams Got my ties the other day. Very nice & pleased with fast shipping. Thank you!

November 3rd at 5:58AM 

Scott Birdie Just got my first delivery. Real deal. Nice quality. Looks just like the pictures. Came in 2 or 3 days.

November 3rd at 4:01AM

WR Grant I want to thank you all for being soooooo accommodating to the orders we placed for my sister's funeral. I will inbox the picture we took of the bowtie with the flowers.

November 2nd at 8:20PM

Alfred Williams I have purchased several sets, love the matching cuff links.... You folks do an excellent job, plus delivery is quick.....

November 2nd at 2:01PM

Todd Trevett I bought a tie, and received it today. It's beautiful, and a bargain at $20. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

November 1st at 1:32PM

Johnny Barideaux I've bought one a few week ago. Very impressed. Too many to choose from.

October 31st at 1:21PM

Arthur Boyd I bought several tie sets, very, very pleased!

October 31st at 5:27AM

Sylvia Corley I got some of these ties and they are really nice.

October 31st at 4:19AM

Lou Howard We just received the set posted in this picture (the pastel plaid) and loved it. Again, it shipped immediately after placing the order and was received within 3 days! Thank you!!!

October 28th at 4:39AM

Curt Day In case anyone is wondering, I ordered ties on Tuesday, received on THURSDAY. Ties are good quality and came exactly as listed, with pocket square and cuff link that match. I'm a satisfied customer that will order again.

October 27th at 4:28PM

Amber Shinault Just received my dads bowties! They came fast and looks exactly like they do on the pictures! I haven't opened the package to feel them but I'm sure my dad will enjoy! Thank you#TwentyDollarTie

October 27th at 1:44PM

Lisa Jones I just received my order on yesterday he was pleased with the quality of the tie and love the color.

October 27th at 12:03PM

Stephen Yates This company is AMAZING!!! I have ordered two tie sets and one when I receive it, I really wanted to exchange it. NO PROBLEM at all!!! Spoke to a great guy name Chris, very personable who wanted you to be pleased with your purchase. The exchange was so easy! Thank you Twenty Dollar Tie & Chris, I will continue to shop your company for future beautiful ties!

October 26th at 7:24PM

TommieandGwendolyn Hale I recently received my order and I am very satisfied. The ties are very classy and just captivate your attention.

October 24th at 3:50PM

Ronnie Alexander Have gotten 12 ties from this site easy shopping arrival time is short an on point

October 24th 11:36AM


October 22nd at 11:04PM

Tiwana Rush Just ordered for the second time this week they are good quality ties & cufflinks/handkerchiefs my son is going to love his items (got both my orders in 2 days thanks Twenty dollar ties!!!!

October 21st at 8:24AM

Lawrence Parker Hey I bought three Monday and received them Wednesday, turned around ordered three more looking for them Sat or Monday. Awesome ties!!!

October 20th at 7:07PM

Shirley Davis I received my 1st order yesterday, and I am very pleased. The ties are even more impressive in person. The ordering process is easy, and the delivery was quick. It doesn't get much better than that!

October 20th at 12:42PM

Claude A. Mahan Just purchased my first Bow Tie from $20:00 Ties. Good quality. Love it

October 20th at 8:04AM

Tiwana Rush  I just ordered two for my son they are really nice no tax just shipping got them in two days

October 20th at 8:01AM

Nicole Flowers Just received mines and it is nice. I ordered the top left and he loved it

October 20th at 3:09AM

James Davis We ordered 22 ties for Sunday's men ministry and we looked great. Thank you Twenty Dollar Ties for the ties,cufflinks and the Hankins.

October 19th at 4:35PM

Joycelyn Croom  Been hipped!
Just got 3 more in the mail last week for my husband's collection . Love this site

Joycelyn Croom we won't stop until my husband owns most of them! Thank you for offering a great product at such a reasonable price.

October 19th at 6:03AM

Marcus Burnett Got the first order and decided to order again. Great selection!

October 18th at 5:21PM

Julio David I have bought several of these neck ties, good quality, good customer service and quick 2 days to delivery.

October 18th at 4:58PM 

Reggie Noble Ordered 6 sets of the ties and was very impressed with the quality. Will order more soon.

October 17th At 7:15AM

Otis Kirksey Ordered 4 ties a couple of weeks ago. Very quick delivery

October 16th at 7:24PM

Lou Howard We have ordered from this website. We ordered one night and had the tie on the 3rd day!!! Good quality and service!! Will be ordering again.

october 15th at 8:25PM

Yvette Simmons-Dawson

Order my Mister five (5) Beautiful ties on Thursday, October 13th and received them today! Super fast...and the ties are very nice. Can't wait to see him in them..

October 14th at 11:27PM

Samantha Tatiyana

I received my of ties and love them! Quick, fast and easy shipping, you guys are the best!

October 13th At 7:10PM

Sharon Lovetodance Weems

I just Ordered four Ties on Tuesday. .I received them all today. Wooooooo You are The Absolutely true Twentydollartie.com. .much love P.S I will be putting in another order

October 13th at 11:06AM

Johel Duenas All these are beautiful! I just received my awesome order. Love these ties. I just wish they made ALL their ties for big and tall guys like me. I would definitely buy more.

October 13th at 7:52AM

Neil Robinson

Just placed my 3rd order of 3 ties with you. The ties are very high quality considering the price, I would expect to pay double in a retail store. I am very happy with how easy your website is to use and the selection of extra long ties.

October 12 at 3:22PM

Roy Lee Johnson

Very nice ties unique designs I just love it. They even went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. Great company with impeccable quality and taste.

October 11th at 7:32AM

Gloria Faye TwoShay Adler I have blessed my Pastor so far with 4 ties from here they are BEAUTIFUL. I'm planning on giving Pastor Jones a new tie set each month.

October 11th at 6:43AM

Jo A Ridgeway I brought my brother a set and he love it. So I will be ordering him a few more. Your tie are beautiful

October 11th at 2:23AM

Vickie Huey I ordered my hubby a tie set from this site on a Saturday, it was delivered the following Monday. Very pleased with the quality!!!

October 9th at 10:56AM

Nika Leigh Twentydollartie.com is the truth! So sweet and kind! My babe looks dapper when he's rocking on of his 6 bowties from this great company!!!!

October 8th at 5:18AM

Posha Priscilla Green-Johnson Got a black and white one in the mail yesterday for my husband, beautiful.

October 7th at 12:39PM

Verona Harbert Sanders I've ordered several ties from here and they're really nice! I just got my son's homecoming bow tie and kerchief in yesterday!

October 6th at 5:12PM

Gregory Marshall I have ordered 5 sets to ties and 3 set of bow ties , excellent quality and definitely a sharp look.... The turn around time is awesome, with couple days

October 6th at 1:40AM

Isaac Thompson They are great buy I got few of those set

October 5th 4:01PM

Ben Torbert Just ordered the Black and Gold tie on the left, my 3rd tie from here.

October 4th at 8:17AM

J.d. Smith I received my order of 4 ties yesterday and couldn't be happier with my purchase, LOVE IT !!!!!!!

October 4th at 1:16PM

Alma Santillo Satisfied with my order also. Great site. And arrived so fast.

October 4th at 2:21AM

Vaughn Foreman Beautiful ties, and very quickly delivered!

October 3rd At 9:21PM

Eddye Jean Williams Very satisfied with my order and I did received them in approx. 3 days. I will continue to order more for my husband...

October 3rd at 3:44PM

Bob Edmondson I ordered six ties on Friday and received them today (Monday) bringing my total to 14. The 6 I got today are absolutely gorgeous and truly exceeded my expectations. I will never buy a tie from anywhere but Twentydollartie.com

October 2nd at 6:36PM

Richard Fields Ordered my Tie on Saturday was to deliver on Monday

October 2nd at 6:25PM

Elizabeth Lizzie Morris-brown Thank You, I received my ties on Saturday and they are beautiful. Can't wait till my husband gets them Christmas. Nice gifts for men, I will be ordering more

October 1st at 4:55AM

Bob Edmondson Originally purchased 8 ties - loved them! Ordered 6 more yesterday - can't wait to get them! Quality and price point can't be beat anywhere.

September 30th at 8:18PM

Kevan Smith I got mine yesterday, very pleased with the product and the delivery time. I will most definitely order again

September 30th At 8:36AM

elecia Williams Got our first order delivered today and on time! Looks great,we're and will order again 😉

September 29th at 5:12AM

Erroll Leigh Royal They are great ties. Ordered 21 ties for my male chorus. They were shipped to me within two days!. Left message, and tie rep was very help and returned my call in a timely manner. Very pleased with services received. Very professional and Christian -like company. Will definitely use them again in the future!

September 29th at 4:40AM

Steven Stowe I can say, I love the way these ties fit. I received mine yesterday. Very nice!!!

September 28th at 2:57PM

Brandy Allen Good afternoon, just stopping by to let you guys know I am very satisfied with the customer service and pleased with the selection that you guys have to offer along with affordable pricing. I do recommend to anyone who like bow ties.

September 28th At 2:38PM

 John Jackson  Quality ties and pocket squares for the money.

September 26th at 1:24PM

Eugene Hickman Received 4 ties I ordered love them

September 22nd At 8:03PM

Mark X Williams Just got mine in today...I'm impressed

September 21st at 7:01AM

Zack Harris I purchased a couple of tie sets from this company and the quality and service was great. I highly recommend and support this business!

September 21st at 5:55AM

Bob Johnson Received two beautiful ties and handkerchiefs for my birthday. Both very different styles both very attractive. I was stopped three different times by people asking about my beautiful tie. I told them twentydollartie.com. The perfect, eye catching gift.

September 20th at 11:23AM

Willie Reeder Ordered a tie set last week...totally satisfied!!!

September 20th at 11:20AM

Pamela Jackson Purchased several of these ties for my husband (10). They are all very good quality ties. My husband loves them all.

September 19th at 12:28PM

Willard Glasgow I've bought several ties from these people and have never been disappointed. As a matter of fact I've been delighted. The quality and designs are excellent.

September 19th at 9:38AM

Rekisha T. Davis Bought a tie for my son and it came in the mail three days later! Wonderful quailty and gorgeous colors and designs...will def be buying again!!!

September 18th at 8:59AM

Jaime Doss I ordered several, received and love them. Will be ordering again real soon. Great product.

September 16th at 6:00PM 

Ken Lacey I am so impressed with this business! Great service, wonderful product at an affordable price. They actually employ people who respond professionally to your requests, what a noble concept

September 14th at 11:40 AM

Bob Johnson I just received a new tie for my birthday that is the Twentydollar Tie Company. It is both beautiful and of wonderful quality. Hopefully the first of many more tie purchases from Twentydollar Tie Company. The hints paid off!

September 13th at 12:43PM

Phyllis Johnson Ratchford I ordered three sets. Nick has homecoming this week. Ties arrived so fast I think the shop must be across the street, lol. The sets are all beautiful and just as pictured. We will be ordering more.

September 12 at 9:59PM 

Stout Brenda Very legit. I ordered some and was received in about 2-3 days and they r VERY nice ties...

September 12th At 10:32AM 

Kirk Chee Love ordering ties from here. Very convenient and quick. Also has a great selection.

August 26th at 8:42AM 

Chuck Wallace I purchased a couple of ties, I'm definitely satisfied and it only took 2/days in the mail. I will order more fo sho. Thanks.

August 21st At 7:43AM

Tracey Gregory Robinson Purchased several as a gift and he LOVED all of them. So much so that he's told all of his friends & a few relatives as well. So, needless to say we'll be placing more orders in the future.

August 19th at 12:12PM

Lisa Kindles Love them. Ordered my hubby the black and white polka dot with the red stripes. It literally came in about 3 days. 
It was high quality and looked EXACTLY like it did on the website. I WILL be ordering from them again.

August 11th At 5:00PM

Keith Hoffman I Recently Bought Two Of Their Ties. Great Patterns In A Jacquard Like Fabric. Very Nice For $20. I Will Likely Buy More. I Like Bold, Interesting Patterns. No More Boring Ties For Me. Quick Service As Well.

August 11th at 2:11PM

Curtis Waskey  All I can say is wow!  I placed my order for bow ties on Tuesday, decided to add one more style and called customer service to add to the order.  Customer service was most helpful, accommodating, and get this – super friendly!!!!  I received my order this morning (two days later)!!!!!  Both orders!!!  So far 110% satisfaction.  Quality looked similar to other bow ties costing three times as much.  Styles I like, price that seems too good to be true, good quality, and service that is most unusual in today business world.  I will be back.

August 11th at 11:24AM

Sammy Jones Received my tie sets today and was more than pleased. They were delivered as advertised,3 day shipping. I will be ordering again and I won't be shopping at the retail stores again.

August 11th At 7:17AM

Norwood Wayne-Susan Newkirk I purchased several ties from this company. They came on time, I received what I ordered and they are beautiful. The price is right. I even gave one away, because I could.

August 11th At 7:11AM

Glendon Ferguson Swann ...I have purchased several sets for my hubby and he loves them and so do I...it took no time for us to receive the items even the ones on backorder...I would recommend to anybody!!!!#sophisticatedandmorefortheprice

August 10th 11:42AM

Jim Harden I received my order of 3 ties on Monday and I was surprised at the quality and quick service. As a minister I will wear them to church and see what the reaction is. Thank for your service and a great product.

August 8th At 3:30PM

John Lynch Must say I was a bit dubious about the quality of a tie with pocket square and cuff links for only $20. But I had to give it a try. Received my first order in the mail today and was pleasantly surprised!

July 19th At 7:52AM

Karen Cauthorne I ordered 3 sets from here for the first time this past Saturday 7/16 and got them yesterday for my husband. They look just like the picture in regards to the richness of the color. My husband wore one to work today and he loves them too. 

There was no funny business doing business with this business! I will definitely shop here again.


July 11th At 12:05PM

Melissa Chisum I bought two sets of ties and they are truly Beautiful, the quality is very good and they came earlier then expected.I was truly satisfied with my purchase.


June 25th At 2:31PM

Art Hooker They are the best Period!!! Was in route from Ohio to California called in order it was at my Hotel waiting on me not even 48 hours later.. Trust me you will never want to buy a Tie in Store Again.. Thanks again To the Twentydollartie.com Team. Expect hundreds of orders from My Company!!!!


June 3rd At 1:40pm

Martin Greenberg It's the real deal...sporting my first purchase..fast purchase to delivery and great quality.


June 3rd At 12:28pm

Lilla Bee Ordered 3 sets the other day. They arrived mush sooner than I thought. Excellent quality! Will definitely order again.


Melody Young

May 28 At 2:01pm

 Great customer service was received and the time in which the items were delivered was very timely. Very pleased customer!


John Drew 

May 25 At 8:57pm

Gentlemen, just received my first order to check out the quality of your bow ties and I much admit that at first glance I am very pleased and will be placing a larger order of several more shortly. I was also pleased with the delivery/arrival post ordering coming to the Washington DC area. I will be passing along a recommendation to my colleagues and family to visit your site. Thank you!!


Kenya Williams-Williams

May 23 at 7:37pm

Let me just say that I ordered the ties on Friday and received them today! I am very pleased with the delivery as well as the beauty and quality of the ties!! So glad I called the night before to see if this sight was legit and it is!! Thank you twentydollartie!!


Donald Powell

May 13 at 2:21pm

I received my order. I'm more than satisfied. Thank a million.

Angela Coppedge 

May 7th 5:52am

My fiancé & I had been looking for bow ties for our groomsman for months. I had been debating ordering from this sight. I placed the order Tuesday and received our ties on Friday. I could not be more impressed!! The color pattern is exactly what we needed to bring some pizzaz to our groomsman. And the quality is impeccable!! Thank u for saving us from ourselves !!

Sharon Fore-Guillory

May 6 at 4:44pm

So glad I found this site.. My hubby LOVES everything on here.. we are just gonna start at the top and work our way thru it! Prices are amazing and unique styles..

BJ Barnes III Ordered 4 ties and counting. Can't beat the price, quality, styles, or the large selection. 💯💯💯💯 certified.

March 25th 4:45pm

Charm Silky Shea Twentydollartie.com. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service directly from owner which is very uncommon now days. Fabulous selection and quality to match. My 1st time ordering for a special friend and made great gifts. Look forward to ordering again and again. Don't forget perhaps tie of the month. Thank you so much again!

march 12th At 3:02pm

David K. Sichting Ordered for this site. Very reliable company. Got a real nice silk tie, pocket square and Cufflinks. All for twenty dollars. Very satisfied and will be making many orders in the near future.

 March 9 at 6:46pm

Ed Givens Just received my order,great looking ties,

March 8 at 4:33pm

Shawn Potter I just received my first order. Very pleased, i will be ordering again. They said 12 day delivery but I got it in 5 days.

March 3 at 9:47pm

Nika Leigh‎ to Twentydollartie.com

I've been meaning to write a review for twentydollartie.com. If... WHEN you buy from them you will NOT be disappointed. Their customer service is by far one of the best!!! And their products are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for not making me feel like "just a customer." You guys are wonderful!!!


Loretta Branscomb‎ to Twentydollartie.com

March 7 at 3:44pm · University City, MO, United States · 

I just received my three ties I ordered for my husband and he LOVES them. I will be ordering more since I also have four sons and a son-in-law that will love your ties as well. Thanks so much for the quick turn around and beautiful ties! smile emoticon


Demetrius McClain Just received my 5 ties from them today:) 

March 7 at 3:06pm

Mary Mcgowan I received my orders last week and very pleased. Ready to order again


March 1 at 10:05am · 

Not the best picture but check this out if you want good quality ties check them out. I was worried about the size but if you're tie game is on point you know a simple pin with fix that problem. I love the ties and they came on time thanks a lot.


Justo Cruz‎ to Twentydollartie.com

February 28 at 10:13am · Golden Gate, FL, United States · 

Always getting complements on how great my ties look. Love wearing my ties from Twentydollartie.com


David Howard I dont oridnarily wear anything cheap.these r nice.proven fact that everything in life doesnt have2be exspensive2get an upscale look.color coridnation and textures r important.in tha world of fashion.

February 22 at 5:03am


‎Butch Snelling‎ to Twentydollartie.com

February 11 · 



‎Nikki Gi Perkins‎ to Twentydollartie.com

February 5 · 

I am a new customer and just received two ties that I ordered for my husband. We are so pleased! They were well made, the colors vibrant and rich and good quality for the price. We will definitely be returning customers!


JP Mack‎ to Twentydollartie.com

January 16 · 

Thank you for your prompt response time and amazing customer service. I didn't think I would hear from your company until the work week began, but you were definitely on it. A great pleasure doing business with you!


Chaqunta Head to Twentydollartie.com

December 31, 2015 · 

I ordered some ties for my dad for Christmas this year and most of my order arrived early. There was a slight misunderstanding with one of the items so I called the number, left a message and within a few hours received a call back. I spoke to Chris who not only corrected the mistake but also made sure my order arrived in time for Christmas. The quality is good, the customer service was Phenomenal and most importantly my dad was pleased.

Thank you Chris for all your help and for making my dad very happy on Christmas.

I highly recommend using twenty dollar ties for your styling needs.



Walt Taylor‎ to Twentydollartie.com

December 6, 2015 · 

Just thought I'd stop by and show my latest tie from your company. This is my 5th tie and COUNTING.


David Bennett‎ to Twentydollartie.com

November 15, 2015 · 

Got mine fellas, you better start your collection I'm on a mission. One every other week, till I got them all, well all the ones I like.Twentydollartie.com, Tie or bow tie, handkerchief and cufflinks with free shipping, $20.